Litecoin {LTC}, Bitcoin Cash {BCH}, XRP, EOS price analysis; market recovers as bulls bounce back


XRP is ranked at # 3 on coinmarketcap. The price of XRP rose at a rate of 5:42% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $ 1.031 billion, while the supply has 42,890,708,341 XRP coins in play. The total market cap of XRP is $ 12.026 billion. As of this moment, XRP is priced at $ 0.280407.

Finally, XRP has broken through the first barrier as a result of bullish momentum. For now, the daily RSI is at 41.8 and will climb further [at least today]. If the trend continues, the MACD line will soon be higher than the signal line, and the histogram will turn green. Next, the coin will face resistance near the $ 0.31 mark. An ascending triangle was observed.

Bitcoin Cash is ranked at # 4. A climb rate of 1.6% was noted. The trading volume recorded is $ 1.081 billion, whereas the supply has 17,954,025 BCH coins involved. The total market cap of Bitcoin Cash is $ 5.675 billion. At present, BCH is priced at $ 316.14.

The daily RSI [for 10 periods- in case of the BCH/USD chart] is at 47. The line is pointing upwards, indicating pressure from buyers. However, the Awesome Oscillator peaks remain brown and below the zero line. Thus BCH is unpredictable as of now. Support exists near the $ 299.15 level.

Litecoin is ranked at # 5 on coinmarketcap. A boost rate of 2:13% brought LTC all the way up to $ 75.51. The trading volume recorded is $ 2.654 billion, while the supply has 63,060,543 LTC coins in circulation. The total market cap of Litecoin is $ 4,761 billion.

The RSI has exited oversold territory and is at 33.17 presently. However, a bullish trend is yet to return. Resistance will be felt close to the $ 86.4 mark.

EOS is ranked at # 8 in the market and had a jump rate of 1.05%. This brought the price of EOS up to $ 3.63. The trading volume recorded is $ 1,154 billion, while the total market cap is at $ 3.367 billion.

The EOS / USD chart indicates that the coin is recovering. But quite slowly, in comparison to the rest on this list. The histogram [for MACD] is red, and the awesome Oscillator peaks are brown and below the zero line. More growth is needed for a trend change.

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