Lisha on clothes in the summer house: “The sneakiest thing that ever happened”


Updated October 27, 2020, 8:39 am

Blunt is trump. For nine episodes the summer houses show that for 50,000 euros not all means, but some are fine. It’s no different in episode ten. Here, in all the annoyance, Caro must decide whether to risk Eve at the door or her friendship with Lisha. In the end, you succeed in both.

Christian Vock

A critique

from Christian Vock

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In fact, you don’t have to look back on the previous episode to be able to do this “Summer house of the stars” so as not to lose the thread. From episode one onwards, RTL appears to be no video material to discover outside the home about which the residents do not argue among themselves. The common thread of the house is therefore simply a thick rope that the occupants use to beat each other up.

It’s not nice though escalation part of the concept for this show, the one in the previous summer house episode nine has pretty much it all Limits whose passedwhat is commonly referred to as television entertainment.

Nobody made a good impression. But if RTL didn’t miss anything essential, it delivered the file The climax of bad words last week Youtuber Lisa. During a discussion with Eva Benetatou, Lisha took a slightly longer excursion to the Vulgar language – if you include your previous statements, it’s almost a short vacation.

“The Stars’ Summer House”: a game or a life?

At this point episodes nine and ten merge and during the Residents let the violent dispute end, they venture into philosophical galaxies that a rubbish TV candidate has never seen before. Michi (friend Diana Herold) is the first to discover the Effects of the show on his real life: “Such discussions and such bullshit, what was going on here today, that is The life I’m wasting. “

Almost simultaneously, his girlfriend Diana is on the trail of similar enlightenment and recognizes a game in life or a life in a game: “For me this is not a game, it is my life”, means Dianawhen he asks Eve to let the matter rest and somehow he is right.

In the meantime, letting go of the rest can Lisha no question: “I mean ‘everything exactly as I said it'”, he explains to the rest of the workforce and once again shares his assessment of Eva’s career support: “For me, it will always be the one that was given and left by the Bachelor. And this is their biggest problem. “So far, so well known.

Lisha: “The sneakiest thing that ever happened”

So what can viewers do to avoid washing their eyes and ears after an episode of “Sommerhaus”? RTL offers the various Games on – at least in appearance. Because on the one hand it is located Entertainment valuelook at the summer cottages that solve a simple arithmetic problem for a heartbreaking time or name four consonants, in the barely perceptible area.

On the other hand, it goes with the Games not a fellow showdown, but simply a matter of defending all annoying ones best starting position possible To provide. When you know you can’t get kicked out on your own, it’s much easier to insult.

Note that a win in one of the games can also end in a completely different direction Caro and Andreas Robens. They have won a game and therefore protection from being nominated, but at the same time “unsaving” a safe couple. Because despite the announcement to the contrary opt for Lisha and Lou, the tree is on fire.

“It’s so disgusting to see what people really are,” Lou says bitterly. A game is only a game if everyone sees it that way. Otherwise it’s life again. “What they did today was that Sneakiestwhat ever happened, “Lisha draws a tentative conclusion to which she adds further insults.

Eva Benetatou and Chris have to go

But while Caro learns nothing from broken promises and excludes Lisha from the vote in the upcoming nomination, he sees Andreas only the cash prize and is ready for at least one elbow to use for this. And so you make your way once again as a spectator through messages of hate, expressions of contempt and insults.

After all the insults and intrigues of the ten episodes of the “Summer House of the Stars”, you are as a spectator intellectually so dilapidated and morally so tiredthat a hot iron could be placed on your head as you watch – you wouldn’t notice. Trash TV is also a question of dosage.

At the end of this overdose, there will be ten for them appointment the Duel Eva Benetatou and her boyfriend Chris versus Lisha und Lou on and then the question in the room, if Caro will keep her promise this time becomes. She and she do it Eve left believes that with this choice Andreas dug his own grave. Not a completely absurd decision, because Lisha doesn’t even think about forgetting Caro’s broken word and so she will continue in episode eleven as before. Or as Lisha says: “The real circus here”.

Lisha now not only deeply hates Eva, but her former ally Caro Robens is also on the hit list. He accuses her of high treason. Lisha’s obvious solution: a voodoo doll acting as Caro’s stunt double. Some consonants would have done that too.


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