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Swell of RIpple 2018

The news that comes to the Journal of today at the moment is that it is planning to create SBI-R3, a prototype of SBI-Ripple Asia that has launched a very popular cross-border payment application "MoneyTap". Interestingly, the new consortium will increase the adoption of XRP.

Speaking at a briefing on the recently settled dispute between R3 and Ripple (XRP), Yoshitaka Kitao, president and CEO of SBI Holdings, said efforts are underway to create SBI-R3 Asia.

President Kitao, who did everything possible to resolve the dispute between Ripple and R3, a US-based blockchain development company, said he would like R3 to create a project that will depend solely on the XRP virtual currency.

According to Cointelegraph, SBI, which holds about 10% of Ripple's shares, is also the main shareholder of R3.

With SBI-R3, Resolve Ripple-R3 disputes

The CEO stated that both Ripple and R3 committed themselves to resolve the problem of litigation internally, pointing out that they are now discussing the creation of SBI-R3 Asia. He urged the R3 to create a project that uses XRP as soon as possible.

Towards May, the Japanese SBI Holdings with no less than 40 financial institutions worldwide pledged $ 107 million to R3. In particular, SBI has committed 2 billion yen ($ 17.9 million) in the purchase of R3 shares at that time.

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