Liga BetPlay Dimayor 2020: League of teams eliminated with a place in the Copa Sudamericana | How and when to play | Colombian football | Betplay League


While the eight best teams in the BetPlay League celebrate by entering the finals of the championship, the twelve eliminated have not finished their competition this year. Or well, apparently eleven teams will now enter the Liguilla, because the situation of Cúcuta Deportivo indicates that it will no longer be this year, since it has no sports awards.

Millonarios, Once Caldas and Independiente Medellín are the teams with the longest tradition that will play the Liguilla. They will join Águilas Doradas, Envigado, Bucaramanga, Alianza Petrolera, Pereira, Jaguares, Patriotas and Chicó.

The winner of the Liguilla will play a repechage with one of the eight finishers, who is eliminated and is in a position of reclassification to define a place in the Copa Sudamericana.

Here’s what it would sound like

Phase I: Home Run Liguilla (25 November – 2 and 9 December)

• The 11 clubs that did not qualify for the quarter-finals will be divided into 3 groups.

• The first leg matches will be played (single match)

• 3 dates in total

• 18 games in total

• Two teams from each home run that are best placed in the standings will have the right to play two home games.

• The first of each home run and the best second of all home runs go to the next stage.

Phase II: Liguilla Semifinal (December 16)

• Single game

• 2 games in total

• Keys predetermined by the administration (1A vs 1B) (1C vs Best second)

• The two highest-scoring clubs added between BetPlay DIMAYOR League 2020 Phase I and league home runs will play at home.

Phase III: Final Liguilla (December 23)

• Single game

• A date

• The club with the highest score between BetPlay DIMAYOR League 2020 Phase I, home runs and league semi-finals, will play at home

Phase IV: Repechage (December 30)

• The Liguilla winning club will play against the club which, according to the reclassification table, corresponds to Colombia N ° 4 for the 2021 South American Conmebol.

• Single game

• The club that is Colombia N ° 4 for Conmebol Sudamericana 2021 due to its place in the reclassification table will be local.


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