Let’s Sing 13 review


Time to sing. Ravenscourt and Voxler started doing karaoke Let’s sing 13, the new chapter of the music saga that is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is a game with more than 30 musical themes international and Spanish, full of recent hits such as Sucker by Jonas Brother, Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa, Tusa by Karol G and Nicki Minaj or Contando Lunares by Don Patricio and Cruz Cafuné.

Let’s Sing 13 can be played alone, although its special touch is in company play, being a perfect game for gatherings of friends and family who enjoy this type of karaoke. Although the game can be purchased with two microphones, there is a version of the game no microphonessince you can play with the Let’s Sing Microphone app that turns your mobile phone into a microphone. On PS4 you can choose between 4 mobile phones or 2 USB microphones with 2 headphones or 2 Singstar microphones and on Nintendo Switch between 4 mobile phones, 2 USB microphones and a headset.

7 game modes to get the most out of karaoke

Let’s Sing 13 has up to seven different game modes to offer various ways to enjoy karaoke. Before the legend mode, a new solo gaming experience in which the player must progress by accumulating scores. The typical avatars of the saga become challenging in this mode, posing increasingly difficult challenges for the player to progress in singing all the songs in the game. There are a total of 16 challengers with three basic challenges and a final battle against each, offering a vast challenge for lovers of this mode class.

On the other hand is the file classic mode, the most similar to pure karaoke. It can be played alone or in company and the goal is nothing more than to hit the notes to accumulate the most points. In the company there is not only competitiveness, but you can also find out the compatibility score based on common successes. This is the perfect mode for those fast-paced or even long games where we just want to focus on singing.

The World Contest way It is also making a comeback on Let’s Sing 13 with the aim of reaching the top spot on the online or local rankings. Players choose who to challenge to try to defeat him with a better score than theirs, the course of the song is the same as if we were singing next to the challenged person. For its part, in Mix Tape 2.0 different excerpts of songs are mixed, offering a touch of the unexpected as the mixes are never repeated, they are unique. In Jukebox you can create a playlist.

Let's sing 13
David Bisbal, present at Let’s Sing 13

The biggest playable novelty, a minigame

TO way Let’s party Up to eight players can be collected in two teams, randomly chosen game modes are played. In this mode lies the biggest playable novelty of the title, since there is an unreleased minigame called Pop Chicken where players fight to get a series of boxes that can later guarantee an advantage in the game.

Finally, Let’s Sing 13 also has a playlist creator, albeit with a new updated system that now allows you to choose which mode in addition to the songs you want to perform. Total, there are a total of 35 songs in the game.

Let’s Sing 13 track list

  • Beret: if it were up to me
  • KAROL G, Nicki Minaj: Tusa
  • Camilo, Pedro Capó: Tutu
  • David Bisbal, Juan Magán: Bésame
  • Natalia Lacunza, Guitarricadelafuente: sad nana
  • Nil Moliner ft. Dani Fernández: Little Iron Soldier
  • Ana Guerra, Juan Magán: Ni la Hora
  • Sinsinati: When there were two of us
  • Vanesa Martín: free fall
  • Don Patricio, Cruz Cafuné: Counting Luntares
  • Justin Bieber: Yummy
  • Tones and Me: Dance Monkey
  • Billie Eilish: bad boy
  • Selena Gomez: Lose You to Love Me
  • Ariana Grande: Thanks, next
  • Dua Lipa: Don’t start now
  • Jonas Brothers: Sucker
  • Maroon 5: Memories
  • Shawn Mendes: If I can’t have you
  • Lewis Capaldi: Before You Go
  • Ava Max: Me too
  • Nea: Some say
  • Marshmello with Bastille: Happier
  • Rita Ora with Liam Payne: For you
  • Panic! at the disco: high hopes
  • Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley: Chained to the Rhythm
  • Sam Smith: Too good with goodbyes
  • Lizzo: Good as hell
  • Major Lazer and DJ Snake ft. MØ: Lean On
  • Calvin Harris with John Newman: Blame
  • James Bay: holding back the river
  • Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong
  • Seal: Kiss from a Rose
  • Genesis: I Can’t Dance
  • Kim Wilde: You hold me tight
let's sing 13
Counting the moles, a song from Let’s Sing 13

Let’s Sing 13, a good karaoke for singing lovers

Definitely, Let’s Sing 13 is a good game for karaoke lovers. The game has an extensive list of both Spanish and international songs, most of which are hits from this year and from the past. For those who like the title more, they can access additional topics, such as there is a series of paid DLCs with classic tunes from the 90s, must-see party themes and more.

Perhaps some of these paid songs could be present in the game to have a more varied repertoire but otherwise, this year’s proposal of the music saga once again keeps its promise: to guarantee hours and hours of singing and have fun alone or with friends thanks to his various game modes with a promising list of themes.

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