Let the world discover your business with Google Discovery. A tip from Craft Interactive


We already know that Google is the godfather of marketing, innovative and surprising at all times.

Recently, Google surprised us all with a new type of advertising: Discovery Ads, a very useful new type of ad, in which marketers create compelling carousel-type ads for potential customers, just when they are most open to business. buying something new. .

In addition to Display, Shopping and YouTube campaigns, marketers will now have another way to show the public tangible images and tell visual stories about the promoted products.

Marketers using discovery ads will have the option to present a single image of the promoted product or service or multiple images in a scrollable carousel format. Can we say that Google was inspired by Facebook? Sure, but as usual, The Godfather do everything superlatively. For years, Facebook has allowed us to create passive ads with captivating images that attract qualified traffic. Marketers can now do the same thing on Google – Discovery avoids search intent for a combination of targeting but has greater reach and the ability to tell a brand’s story in a very compelling visual format, suitable for potential customers.

Machine learning plays a key role in discovery ads

Google uses AI to deliver the best combinations of titles, descriptions and creative images to the right audience, in the best performing placements. In responsive search ads, this is another way for Google to try to automate the ad optimization process for marketers to target more relevant users with more relevant ads and messages (while maintaining privacy standards.) . It’s a great balance to strike, but marketers should be able to leverage Google’s algorithm once again and display more clickable ads.

Google has the ability to use artificial intelligence to further tailor the feed to a particular user’s tastes and specifications.

Discovery ad coverage

Google Discovery ads cover the YouTube feed, Gmail social and promotional categories, and ads on sites that allow Google advertising.

Discovery ads are native in-feed, with YouTube allowing an additional CTA banner above the image, title, and description. Multi-channel placements mean more reach and a wider network to deliver your ads to your target audience!

New campaign type, same targeting

Another indicator that discovery ads will be important to Google? It has its own type of campaign. So you will need to run a discovery campaign if you want to use discovery ads. Once you’ve selected your campaign type, simply upload your photos and text and boom … the campaign is ready! Google handles the optimization and delivery of your ads and you’re just enjoying the results!

Discovery ads live in feeds, not searches, search intent won’t be at stake here. This isn’t fundamentally bad – it just means you’re losing some of your business intent, so your strategy will be different. Marketers will have much of the same audience traditionally targeted in display campaigns: in-market, interested, and personalized audiences.

In the absence of research intent, effective audience targeting becomes extremely important, as does compelling creativity. But again, the ability to take advantage of that audience while telling a visual story of the brand gives you the power to attract potential customers at scale, making discovery ads perfect for brand awareness.

So, you have all the tools you need to make a brand known around the world and to promote your products or services in the most effective way!

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