Less than 1% of Pornhub subscribers make cryptocurrency payments CriptoNoticias


Less than 1% of subscribers to adult entertainment sites, Pornhub, make cryptocurrency payments.

The information was disseminated through a publication on the Hard Fork portal of September 28, which the company has declared After the implementation of the payment system with cryptocurrencies, last April, the expected results were not obtained. Despite this, it is expected that in the near future the widespread adoption of cryptoactives on their platform will increase significantly, according to the source.

In this regard, highlights the company's plans to implement the payment processor based on Ethereum, PumaPay, with the possibility of accepting your token, PM, as a means of payment. In this way, it is intended to facilitate transactions with cryptocurrencies in the platform, as the system is offered as an alternative that allows to configure monthly, recurring and personalized payments; This despite the fact that its technology is still in full development.

It is worth mentioning that even though the official announcement on the association with PumaPay was made last August, until now the payment function is not available on the platform. On this, it is estimated that integration can be carried out in the first quarter of 2019, according to the payments processor signals. Although Pornhub did not provide a clear timeline for this implementation, as stated in the publication.

As for the data that the company is able to assert that only 1% of its premium subscribers pay with cryptocurrencies, the note explains that the company has not provided data on all its registered users, but it is said that the site has received about 28 thousand 500 million visits last year. Over 85 million daily visits and over 10 million committed members are mentioned in the company's announcements.

Private cryptocurrencies are preferred

PornHub introduced payments with the verge token (XVG) last April. For that moment, this option was chosen because it is a cryptocurrency focused on privacy and anonymity, which is considered the most convenient and safe for this market, according to the opinion of Corey Price, vice president of the company.

Subsequently, the offer of encryption options has been extended, accepting TRON and ZenCash since last June. In this case, the idea of ​​using cryptactives that favor privacy is again highlighted, a priority feature in the choice of the company, as indicated by Price in the press release in which the announcement was made.

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