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Legit Business blockchain Cryptocurrency token?

For a number of reasons, blockchain technology and in particular cryptocurrency are fast becoming the next generation system for our monetary transactions. While there are positives coming with digital currency, there are pessimists who still doubt the feasibility of technology for a corporate payment solution. However, this did not prevent companies from exploiting the potential of the advent of the digital currency. Rather than relying on the traditional financial system, the encrypted ones prove to be more advantageous for our societies thanks to the convenience and independence of the blockchain.

However, there are many encrypted payment solutions and settling on one can be a challenge. And more often, it is necessary to get a review of the answer before taking the step to join the platform. Although it may seem irrelevant, it has an impact on saving you from a potential scam or fraud.

What is the MIR coin?

MIR COIN it is a decentralized cryptocurrency that will offer the convenience of a quick payment by using the blockchain technology. Cryptography will also provide global coverage from which customers can have payment transactions, regardless of their legal currency. Moreover, MIR COIN will work in real time to facilitate constant transactions that will cover the world to catalyze the expansion and stabilization of their network.

The use of MIR COIN will work under the official ecosystem, MIR LAND. The ecosystem will connect MIR COIN users and the MIR platform to build a global portal from which companies can access the encrypted payment solution. Under MIR LAND, MIR COIN combines different features like

  • Combination of coupons, points, funds and other payment methods to use anywhere and at any time
  • MIR COIN will also have an organic connection with its customers through affiliates
  • MIR COIN will further facilitate the integrated ecosystem to allow companies, customers and affiliates to benefit from high quality services and promotions.

Advantages of the Blockchain Business Block MIR cryptocurrency token

By creating a viable online payment system to integrate companies, MIR COIN will have easily made it possible to counter some of the challenges underlying our payment services. As a result, the payment solution could benefit from the different types of users of the MIR LAND platform.

  • The MIR COIN payment solution allows transactions anywhere, anytime
  • The payment transaction is fast thanks to Blockchain's real-time technology
  • MIR points and coupons can be exchanged with MIR COIN or other cryptocurrencies
  • Peer-to-peer transactions to enable direct payments for all items
  • There are also discounts for constant purchases and user companies
  • The affiliate program offers users alternative sources from where they can earn

ICO details of the MIR coin

The MIR ICO coin began on 04/09/18 and will end on 27/05/18. You can purchase MIR tokens with ethereum classic (ETC).

Assignment of funds

  • Share of company holding: 4%
  • ICO and presale: 7%
  • Participant's fee: 3%
  • Business distribution in MIR LAND and around the world: 42%
  • Public Mining: 22%
  • Discarding compared to Public-Mining: 22%

Conclusion of MIR coins

There are a lot of risks that come with the use of any cryptographic based payment solution. Generally, the most significant challenges come up with the answers that turn into scams and get away with the investor's money. As far as we can ignore it, it is still the breaking point of payment solutions.

For MIR COIN, we still have to see the signs of a scam, but there are no such positive elements that indicate a less attractive project. While the reputation of the development team seems tempting, the plan does not have the legitimacy of having the ability to achieve what they promise to offer in a genuine way. Ultimately, MIR COIN is not a feasible project that we recommend.

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