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In mid-June, the news spread to the oil spill that Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation had officially acquired the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing platform. The details of how Justin and the Tron team would have integrated the platform and its 150 million users, were not yet known at that time.

What was known was that BitTorrent was the key to decentralizing the web according to Justin's vision as outlined in Tron's Whitepaper. Some fans even noticed that BitTorrent had been mentioned eight times in the document.

The Revelation of the Atlas of the Project

At the end of July this year, Justin and his team presented Project Atlas which would launch the integration of the BitTorrent platform into the Tron ecosystem. Since then, the team has continuously updated the secret project, included during the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) on August 31st.

How BitTorrent will work on Tron Blockchain

Project Atlas aims to usher in a new era of content distribution. Using the extension of the BitTorrent protocol, a custom token and an in-client token economy to solve the existing limits, the team aims to change the way users can exchange value for computer resources on global scale. The BitTorrent protocol has always had a system to incentivize users, and the Tron blockchain provides a gateway on how to do it.

Justin Sun would further explain the project as follows:

Project Atlas is the basis for a new way of distributing content. To start, the product will feature faster downloads, more seeds, no mining and compatibility with previous versions. It is adapted to the world in which we live today: mobile, connected and transparent. We aim to finally empower all content creators and their communities by eliminating brokers and allowing content creators to distribute them directly to users.

Users will be able to provide tokens to uploaders in exchange for faster download speeds. BitTorrent peers will be able to offer tokens to encourage other users to run clients on faster networks and seed the torrents for longer periods. This will lead to increased swarm longevity and faster download speeds for all swarm participants.

Users will also be able to earn tokens to continue depositing files after completing the download. This means that the token economy will be based on the resources provided and not on mining.

Justin Knoll, Project Atlas Lead, explained further:

Project Atlas is an evolution of torrent technology, not a revolution. With TRON's blockchain experience, our growing seven-person development team plans to send the first features in the next month.

Tron Foundation and BitTorrent will share more information on Project Atlas in the coming days and weeks. The first of these events will be on September 28th, at 7 pm, PST. The livestream will be available on Twitter page of Tron Foundation.

In conclusion, this new development has provided the necessary clarity on the fact that TRX will be used within the BitTorrent protocol. With a custom token to feed BitTorrent protocol operations, this means that it will be created on the Tron network and through the various Project Atlas incentives, users can accumulate these tokens.

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