LAST MINUTE! Phase 3 Vaccine Developed Against Coronavirus Succeeded – News


The first phase of the phase 3 vaccine developed against the coronavirus was successful

The first phase of the vaccine developed against the coronavirus and applied in phase 3 was successful. Providing information on the first phase of the vaccine, the infectious disease and microbiology specialist at Kayseri City Hospital and lead researcher Dr. Ayse Toker’s Kilinc said he had done the second dose of the vaccine done voluntarily, “Turkey had no problems. and in general everything is going well, “he said.


Stating that more volunteers are needed for the research to be successful, the infectious disease and microbiology specialist from Kayseri City Hospital and lead researcher Dr. Ayşin Kılınç Toker said: “It’s been 14 days since our first vaccine and the number of people who participating in the vaccine study continues to increase in this process. We had no problems with applicants after their first vaccination. We gave the second dose to 3 healthcare professionals. These 3 health workers were previously healthy volunteers who had no contact with the disease. During the vaccination process, we found no side effects, only one person experienced pain due to a regional injection. Apart from that, we currently have no problems. For 14 days, people were called in and followed up periodically for side effects by our colleagues. They also have a phone number that they can reach 24/7. These numbers were also reached in case of further problems, but we have not encountered any further problems with our volunteers at our center. Turkey in the 350 member group found no evidence of side effects and everything is going well so far, but we can achieve results faster, more volunteers are needed because vaccines are composed of a certain number, the occurrence of side effects profile and a moment before launch This will allow the pandemic to be concluded in a shorter time. Citizens who want to obtain information on the vaccine have telephone numbers that they can reach on the city hospital website. Furthermore, by connecting directly to the hospital switchboard, they can obtain information from the vaccines unit and volunteers can schedule their own appointments ”.


Nurse Şerife Dursun, who was among the first volunteers to get the vaccine, said: “It has been 14 days since I was vaccinated and I have not experienced any reactions or side effects during this time. Since I saw that the people who had it in the first place were very heavy, I thought this vaccine would have a side effect, albeit a small one, but nothing happened. I have not seen any of the things I have seen in the covid process such as high fever and cough in this vaccine and have continued my normal life. We did weekly checks during this period. We have been asked about our situation over the phone. I would like to thank those who contributed to the spread of this epidemic because our people, who should have spent their last period at home, especially our elders, are currently fighting a deadly battle in intensive care. Healthcare personnel, who make you forget to breathe, carry on their shoulders the plight of hospital staff who want their families. Our people please follow the mask distance and cleaning rules. They should think about our elders around us, if not about themselves ”.


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