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“Yusuf must take longer”

We couldn’t see Yusuf Yazıcı, we said Yusuf’s success in the UEFA Europa League in France was very important and he should have spent more minutes. At 84 minutes, Yusuf played 10 minutes. It is also important to play for 1 minute to help. After joining the game, I felt a feeling that I should have played more and had to get rid of it immediately. It is important to insert 10 minutes and help the team. If he is going to run 1, he has to help by running 5, if he wants to do 1, making 5. These are very precious moments. Young players, I understand the feelings, the judicial process continues inside. Maybe he doesn’t like the time it takes, he thinks he deserves it more, but as a recommendation from his older brother, it must be very important to contribute 10 minutes.

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