LA BALLA – “COVAR is a disease that nobody understands” (Colombia)


The defeat to Uruguay (0-3) is a continuing backbone for Carlos Queiroz’s throat. The Portuguese coach says that Colombia was hampered in this qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup and left harsh criticism of the referees, making the analogy between VAR and the Covid-19 pandemic.

«We are facing a disease, COVAR, which nobody understands. Neither the coaches nor the players », says the coach during the preview of Tuesday’s duel with Ecuador, also counting for the South American qualification.

At stake is an unassigned penalty in favor of the Colombians when they still lost 0-1: “Don’t whistle that penalty when the referee is four meters away, it’s almost criminal.”

A move, Queiroz considers, that could have changed “the whole game”: “I’m outraged by the referees. The referee [n.d.r. o argentino Fernando Rapallini] he should give a justification to our Federation as to why he did not score a clear penalty for the whole world ».

In that game in Barranquilla, Uruguay won with goals from Cavani, Luis Suárez and Darwin Núñez of Benfica.


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