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KuCoin Crypto Exchange Adds Tron TRX Coin Days before TVM launches

KuCoin Crypto Exchange Adds Tron TRX Coin Days before TVM launches

KuCoin to list TRX on August 28th, days before the launch of Virtual Machine

Soon, the TRX token will be listed on the KuCoin digital trading platform. Earlier, Justin Sun, the founder of TRX's TRON network, announced via his Twitter account that the digital currency will be listed on Singapore's cryptographic center. The tweet also revealed that investors can trade TRX for both BTC and ETH since August 28thth, two days before the inauguration of the long-awaited Tron Virtual Machine.

The mission of the KuCoin exchange is to provide a seamless exchange and conversion experience for digital goods merchants. Currently, the platform has a portfolio with over 350 trading pairs. More recently, the exchange has announced the listing of the MVP token, the native cryptocurrency of the Merculet ecosystem. As expected, MVP is available in MVP-BTC and MVP / ETH trading pairs.

Previously, the Tron Foundation announced the listing of the TRX token on the CoinSwitch cryptographic exchange. Justin Sun also revealed that the volume of currency trading has exceeded one million dollars. From the designation of 30th August as the launch date for the Tron virtual machine, Justin worked tirelessly to improve the reputation of TRX, forming more partnerships and updating its software infrastructure.

Surprisingly, Justin states that the Tron Virtual Machine will be compatible with its Ethereum contemporary, allowing the developers of Ethereum Virtual Machine to freely switch to the Tron platform. Furthermore, Tron's alternative guarantees security, efficiency, stability, scalability and, above all, convenience.

Furthermore, Tron Virtual Machine will leverage the bandwidth mechanism theory. All transactions and smart contracts will be free. At the inauguration of the beta version of the service, the Foundation's CTO stated that the Tron DApp platform will have three divisions, namely, engine tools, development tools and third-party tools.

Lately, the TRX token had an upward spiral, with a respectable 5.7% growth at the time of writing. The price of the currency is $ 0.023 and its market capitalization value is $ 1.5 billion. However, the digital currency has been ousted from the top 10 list and is currently ranked at number twelve.

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