Komodo platform and KMD token: complete analysis


Many cryptocurrencies are developed only for specific purposes

We have all observed that several cryptocurrency projects are developed for specific reasons. For example, Bitcoin represents global currency, Ethereum is for intelligent contract and decentralized autonomous organizations and Ripple is for faster transactions. In short, there is no single platform capable of providing all the aforementioned services in a consistent manner in which users do not have to switch from one Crypto to another for different applications. In fact, most blockchain platforms do not support atomic swap functionality, which is the most important and famous in cryptoverse. However, there is a Blockchain platform, which has consistently developed itself, in almost all cryptocurrency domains, Komodo.

The Komodo platform supports many applications

The platform Komodo is such a Blockchain platform that is a means to launch the initial offerings of coins in a decentralized way, a decentralized exchange, a cryptocurrency currency with 5% of the interest model, etc. The Komodo platform is the first Blockchain platform to support the launch of an ICO in a decentralized way. The Komodo platform also dominates the Atomic Swap technology, where almost 95% of the Atomic Swaps of cryptocurrency are managed. It also resolves the scalability problems of cryptoverse, where the Komodo platform has reached 14,000 transactions per second during the first days of the launch itself. It should be noted that a transaction counts for 100 payments.

Leads to the delayed job test for stability

The Komodo platform also supports an impromptu version of the Proof of Work consent mechanism which appears to be a delayed job test. Komodo platforms are pioneers in collaborating with the major blockchain Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms through their atomic exchange technology. It is one of the most versatile forms of blockchain platform, as it can be used for different purposes by developers or users, respectively.

The first decentralized currency offered to the world

The Komodo blockchain platform sets security and privacy with the highest priority. He is a direct descendant of ZCash and an indirect descendant of Bitcoin. On April 17, 2018, the world's first decentralized ICO was held on the Komodo platform, which was for blockchain BlocNation. This feature is very popular, but the developers of the platform Komodo invite only one decentralized ICO at a time. Because the Blockchain platform covers so many aspects, it is very difficult for investors to decipher it.

BarterDEX is the result of the Komodo platform

BarterDEX is the exclusive decentralized exchange of the Komodo platform. The exchange supports two functions, can be used for trading purposes and also serves as a platform for the development of cryptocurrencies. The Crypto enthusiast can explore BarterDEX and can perform trading operations along with the development of other blockchain platforms. DEX has a transaction fee lower than 0.15% and a faster transaction confirmation. Basically, the Komodo platform operates strictly in order to lower the barrier to the Blockchain ecosystem.

The Agama portfolio is also developed and managed by the Komodo platform

The Komodo platform also supports an exclusive multi-currency portfolio called the Agama Wallet. Users can use the wallet to store their [KM9459008] KMD coins where they are given a 5% interest, just to keep the coins. This 5% passive income model has been incorporated into the Agama portfolio to force people to avoid storing their tokens on exchange, which would indirectly increase the scarcity and hence the value of the currency. This 5% model has been launched, to cancel the number of tokens that are extracted and indirectly to avoid losses to long-term money holders.

Komodo coins feed the ecosystem

Komodo coins feed the entire ecosystem, where 200 million coins mark the total supply of coins. Taking into account the current mining rates, according to experts, it was estimated that the total offer would be reached until 2031. On 26 December 2017, Komodo's platform reached its record high of around $ 12, 54 . Currently, prices are around $ 1,046. Being the jack of all cryptocurrency subsystems, prices should increase significantly.

Future of the Komodo platform

Very similar to the methodologies incorporated by the blockchain Zcash, the Komodo platform also incorporates privacy, through the "zero-proof test". Allows customers to become absolutely anonymous or transparent based on requirements. There's a lot more to discuss about the Komodo platform and the discussion may never end. In short, the complex ecosystem is creating benchmarks with its roadmaps.

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