Kelly Services Turns to Blockchain with New Partnership


Working online can be a hustle, especially for freelancers and recruiters too, as they have to keep on logging in various sites all over again and again.

Global staffing company, Kelly Services came up with a strategic acquaintance with online blockchain-based hiring platform Moonlighting.

To make things easier for job seekers and job providers too by providing them with a platform which is interlinked to all other platforms. This interlinking will end the need for logging in on different websites.

This change will make the job-seeking convenient and less time-consuming.

Forbes presented this report on 14 August; Kelly Services decided to merge with Moonlighting because of their EOSIO's based public blockchain method and according to the report they have also shown no use of cryptocurrency.

They want to create a user-friendly environment. John Healy, this collaboration can result in "Some pretty significant market opportunities."

A survey was conducted on the point of view of other companies and the result was shocking up to some levels. The survey showed that 41% of companies are looking forward to using this new method, whereas 31% did not give any straight answer, and 28% said they were not likely to go for this method.

This survey also showed that 31% of companies believe that blockchain the method will change the marketplace completely in the coming three years. The company states,

With a blockchain supported platform, it provides a full turnkey solution with a suite of tools to empower thousands of independent workers and recruiters worldwide.

Research firm Data Foundation and IT firm Booz Allen Hamilton released a report in June stating the possibilities of the block implementation method by the federal government of the United States.

Whereas, there were no disclosed financial details.

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