Justin Sun explains Tron & # 39; s (TRX) New Blockchain Network Governance System

Justin Sun explains Tron & # 39; s (TRX) New Blockchain Network Governance System

Tron Foundation CEO and founder Justin Sun recently used Twitter to share his explanation of how Tron's new governance system will work. The explanation was originally transmitted to the Cryptochick in Bad Crypto Podcast.

During the podcast, the founder of Tron (TRX) decided to explain how the new system works and also provided some information on how the Super Representatives will be important for this new system. Justin Sun said that Tron's main goal is to create a decentralized Internet.

According to him, the brand new governance system will use a new delegated Proof of Proke system. The system will be important because it will give everyone who holds at least one TRX token the right to vote and participate in the governance of the Tron ecosystem.

He explained that the proof of work, the mining system used by Bitcoin (BTC) and many other tokens, is the first generation of blockchain governance. This was adopted by Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) and even Tron originally used it. Ethereum also used it and promised to use a trial of the gaming system, but that desire was never actually the truth.

With this new system, however, Tron chooses its own Super Representatives. They were elected as if it were a democratic election, as the holders could vote who they liked best. According to Justin Sun, the SR represent the entire network and their constituents.

Sun believes that this is, in fact, an excellent system, because it ensures that everything works in a decentralized way and solves any centralization problem as the Super Representatives are distributed all over the world and work in many sectors such as exchanges, games and even it's an SR.

The Super Representatives

According to Justin Sun, the Super Representatives have many functions. For example, they are validators on Tron's blockchain and act in the same way as miners in a network of job tests. They are basically the trust nodes of the Tron network and their work is essential for the network to continue to function well.

They also have a second political function, which is to help the network govern itself. According to Justin Sun, it's just like Congress, so the SRs are just like members of Congress. They have to talk to many people in the industry and supervise them so that the Tron network can achieve the best possible results.

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