Junior vs. Boy | Don’t let the dust get wet


There is no tomorrow. It is now or never. Junior has to seal the standings today in the quarter-finals or he will sign a failure as big as the Metropolitan Stadium. The challenge cannot be postponed. The duel against Chicó FC, which begins at 6 pm at the giant Citadel, is the last of the “free for all” phase of the championship.

This is the only life left. And in order not to finish the “game over” in the main Colombian football tournament, the “players” of the rojiblancos will only have to beat the penultimate of the ranking. Even a draw would be enough to move on to the next stage as long as Equidad doesn’t beat America (in Cali) or Águilas doesn’t win by four goals against Deportivo Cali (in Rionegro).

Even losing, he could rank if two of his three ranked rivals can’t win (Equidad, Águilas and Millonarios). And if the blue box, which receives the Alianza Petrolera in El Campín, is one of the two that wins, it should do so for three goals (if Junior loses a little) to be able to displace the rojiblancos.

Or rather: it would be the last straw and a great debacle to eliminate Junior. But in order not to notice that Songo gave Borondongo and Borondongo to Bernabé, in order to forget calculators and prayers, those led by Luis Amaranto Perea are forced to impose themselves on the checkered box, which ended a very weak campaign.

Doubts about rojiblancos are inevitable because with the payroll they have (and the high investment they have) that’s how they would have been classified a long time ago. It is incredible that at this point he does not have a fully guaranteed presence in the quarter-finals of the league and cannot enjoy a break for the series of commitments that come in this competition (if he qualifies), the Colombian Cup and the South American Cup.

He could have done it in Montería when he beat the Jaguares 2-0, but he killed the cats, fell asleep and lost most of the leather. It wasn’t fear, it was too much confidence on the pitch and on the technical bench.

Now, for not doing their homework as they should Wednesday and in the past few days, they have to pass the last exam or they may miss the year.


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