John McAfee rekindles his love for Bitcoin, calls him n. 1 coin for payments


Last week was full of events for Crypto influencer John McAfee. Navigating Europe for the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, McAfee recently announced its partnership with the CoinBene cryptocurrency exchange. He also spoke extensively about cryptocurrency mining, wealth creation and Bitcoin, in a recent interview with AMBCrypto. McAfee said Bitcoin is the number one payment processing currency in the world. Later shared his opinions on Twitter receiving both appreciation and criticism.

Bitcoin mining will always be profitable

John McAfee recalled his time with MGT Capital, which had recently moved its business to encrypt extraction. He said he was one of the biggest miners in the world when he was with MGT, and they chose this practice because of his profitability. He added:

"No matter what the price of Bitcoin is, you can not lose money by extracting Bitcoin, let's say the price drops to $ 2000, everyone goes out and the difficulty rate drops to zero, and you're churning out millions of coins at day. "

He also said that the last Bitcoin could be worth billions, and then proclaimed that the value of the currency will be at least a million dollars by December 2020. He added:

" This is the my prediction, I'll keep it next to you … it's the number 1 coin for transaction processing, you run the numbers. "

What About Price Drop in Bitcoin?

John McAfee talked about market manipulation, claiming that the people involved in this practice will lose billions in the process because the value of Bitcoin is many times higher than its price.

In July 2017, McAfee wrote on Twitter that the price of Bitcoin would reach $ 500,000 within three years and bet that it would " eat his d ** k " in national television if this does not happen. His current request doubles his forecasts. The price of Bitcoin is $ 6.458.85 at the time of printing, for CoinMarketCap data.



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