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Internet memes are quite contradictory but they are still culture, a unique cultural phenomenon that has appeared in the world where everything is online. In several countries, the regions and memes of the linguistic communities appeared long ago. When cryptocurrency has emerged and developed memes have also penetrated this field.

Today, The Coin Shark will review the cryptocurrant memes and show how modern online culture has reacted to the boom in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO.

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  1. Insight of Small History
  2. Memes on Bitcoin
  3. Memes of Cryptocurrency
  4. Memes of Mining
  5. Memes about ICO [19659010] Conclusions

1. Small history insight

The Internet meme is a phenomenon of online space. Both of these phenomena have emerged at the same time. When the world wide web animated the whole globe with its network, and people in different parts of the planet had the opportunity to communicate and exchange information as easily as they were sitting at the same table, meme emerged and developed mainly on internet platforms for various discussions. New online tools allowed for fast data exchange, so any cute meme could become popular almost immediately and the speed of its spread was huge. The memes were disseminated via internet platforms, video hosting services, social networks, etc. Those were interesting and funny images, videos, gif images, melodies, separate words, phrases, etc. The internet community responded with memes to all the trends of the world in all spheres of life, such as politics, sport, technology, culture. It is difficult to identify which memes have appeared in the first place, but one of the first memes is absolutely lolcat (pictures of cats with funny captions), O RLY ?, made up of Chuck Norris, Pepe the Frog and many other memes. [19659013] 2. Memes on Bitcoin

The advertising campaign we saw around bitcoin was probably even bigger than a clamor around the last presidential election in the United States and remained a hot topic yet longer. People today talk less about digital gold and its rate is decidedly less attractive, especially for those who bought BTC for $ 10 or $ 15,000 not so long ago. However, the rapid increase in the bitcoin rate in 2017 has inspired hundreds and thousands of memes. Bitcoin has shown sustainable growth already in 2016, but 2017 seems to be its "golden age". The cryptocurrency began with about $ 890 per currency and ended the year after reaching $ 19,000 or more. Thus, most of the BTC memes related to the growth of the cryptocurrency rate, its volatility bitcoin geeks, those guys who did not buy bitcoins several months ago and those who bought it.

 meme 1

 meme 2

And this is how in the past it returned to the times of the bitcoin rate sustainable growth in 2017. You could keep coins for one week or more and earn a double profit or even more!

Here is another famous meme bitcoin, similar to all those stories in movies when people travel in time to buy winning lottery tickets or make winning bets.

This meme reflects exchange trading strategy when traders buy currency while its rate is low, so they keep it and sell at the higher price later.

  meme 4

Finally, a meme on the volatility of bitcoins.

  meme 5

3. The cryptocurrant meme

Many people still think that cryptocurrency is a new financial and information tool, however, more than 10 years have passed since Bitcoin was launched. The cryptocurrency market with all its infrastructures started to emerge in 2013-2014. Since the beginning of 2018 we have observed a significant recession – currently the bitcoins cost less than $ 6.5 thousand and Ethereum is less than $ 200, while it started with more than $ 1000 in January 2018. This situation has also inspired many memes, such as:

 meme 6

When we talk about cryptocurrency, memes Dogecoin obviously should not be left without mention. This cryptocurrency has a meme like name and logo. And this meme is Doge – a picture of a Shiba Inu surrounded by a multicolored text in Comic Sans font. The meme appeared in 2013 and has become very popular. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain Litecoin . Today it is a top-20th currency by market capitalization. However, it has an unlimited issuance and currently the Dogecoin circulating offer amounts to over 100 billion coins. One Dogecoin is trading at around $ 0.006. Dogecoin is also famous for the charitable activities of his community. For example, in 2014, the community managed to raise about $ 50,000 for Jamaica's national bobsleigh team to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics. The team was qualified for the Games, but had no money to travel to Russia. Such Doge.

  meme 7

4. Memes mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a big industry. However, today, it has changed significantly and a wide range of people are no longer able to extract Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies using their own hardware. Mining is actually about decoding a hash algorithm to create a new blockchain block and, as follows, a new coin. Returning to the beginning of 2010, it was possible to extract it on your laptop. Today you will need expensive equipment, huge mines or at least one connection to the mine pool to extract the cryptocurrency and profit from it. So, here is a CPU-mining meme that is currently no longer available for most popular coins:

 meme 8

Mining actually means calculation. It requires a lot of power which is a problem for both individual and industrial miners. There is a "What would happen if I told you" – meme with Matrix's Morpheus on this.

5. Memes about ICO

The initial offer of coins is similar to the IPO, but is not regulated by all those strict provisions relating to the stock market. It allows start-ups to easily receive investments in exchange for issued digital tokens. The first ICO was organized in 2013 by Mastercoin, which managed to attract $ 5 million. Today there are many ICOs offering investments in the development of payment services, cloud platforms, blockchain-based transport systems content monetization tools, etc. However, although blockchain technology is fairly secure, ICOs are often prone to fraud and are quite risky. 2016-2017 was the "Golden Age" of the ICO campaigns. So many startups managed to get huge investments. At the same time many financial regulators were often not crypto-friendly and some jurisdictions (such as China) banned ICO at all .

Despite the cryptocurrency crowdfunding seems to be quite attractive, many investors did not receive what they expected. And it's not just frauds and scams: hundreds of projects simply have not succeeded.

6. Conclusion

In any case, it is not really surprising that cryptocurrencies have inspired such a large variety of memes that they face a certain number of encrypted subjects. And it is obvious that there will be others – other images, images, videos that reflect changes in the cryptocurrency market and other important crypto-events.

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