It’s not your console, Xbox Live is crashing right now


The new generation arrives with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and with it comes the first problems at Xbox Live. The service is currently not functioning normally and essential services such as access to Xbox Live are affected.

Surely if you were already logged in you have not encountered any problems, but if you are trying to log in right now from the console or the Xbox site you will see that it is impossible to connect with your account on a regular basis.

Xbox Live is having connection problems

If we visit the Xbox Live status page we can see how a service outage is occurring while the team manages to resolve the issue. It is certain that so many contemporary connections today with the launch of the new consoles have a lot to do with these problems.

We hope that Microsoft will fix this problem and fix it as soon as possible.

It's not your console, Xbox Live is crashing right now



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