IT IS KNOWING! Who was eliminated in Masterchef? Who is Masterchef eliminated on November 15th? Is Esra Eliminated?


On the evening of November 15th at the MasterChef there was an exciting qualifying evening. This week, the teams competed fiercely. After 2 immunities, the candidates for elimination were determined. In the last match of immunity on Sunday night, Esra made it to the bottom 3 in the elimination pot. All the spectators are wondering who will be eliminated on the qualifying evening, which will end in about half an hour. But who was eliminated in MasterChef? Have Esra, Barbaros or Eray been eliminated?

Who was eliminated in the MasterChef competition on November 15th?
The last three names in the qualification plate for the MasterChef competition; Esra, Barbaros and Eray. The question of who went to MasterChef will soon find an answer. Eray MasterChef was the first to survive the qualifying pot. Esra was the name deleted in MasterChef on the evening of November 15th.

MasterChef Junior had good news on the week’s qualifying night in the competition. Children will compete in the new season of MasterChef.
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