“Is this all false? Liars!”


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Dinamo has been called by the FRF to pay outstanding salaries until November 30th, is Mattia Montini accuses the Spaniards of being liars: “I will definitely go to FIFA or AFAN to find out what is the best way for me, I need money, I have a family and I don’t care if they are liars. I asked Bălănescu, he told me.” Wait a minute. Then I asked the new sporting director, nothing. I have this problem with Dinamo and I will definitely judge them. “

He has to pay me two and a half months. I wasn’t paid in May either. I was good, I gave up the 5 days of August because I wasn’t playing at that moment anyway, I was right with Bălănescu, but they weren’t right with me.

He left Dinamo after the arrival of the Spaniards and jumped on Cortacero’s neck: “Is it all false? Some liars!”

Honestly, when I saw the new owner, I was hoping he would become a force in the championship. But the fans and all those who love or are involved in Dinamo, from the players to the last man who works at Dinamo, need to know exactly who these people are and what they want, because there is something wrong from my point of view. Because it is impossible for players to give everything like this, to work, even if you are good and have a lot of money in your account, because most of them have good resumes and have accumulated career money, but you cannot work if you ask yourself if the owner has money or not. This is the question. Do these Spaniards have money or not?

Ok, I’m going to train, I have a goal, but in the end I am from another country and where is the money? Are they coming or not? Is it all false? It is very difficult. It’s better to play for a team where you have less money, but you know you have it. “, Montini said, for Fanatik.

Dinamo has time to pay off its debts until November 30, otherwise it will be sanctioned

According to the regulation, Dynamo you risk getting three points for each item violated. The “dogs” have violated art. 60 para. 2 and art. 61 para. 2. The first article deals with outstanding debts towards other football clubs and the second article deals with debts towards employees.

In other words, if Dynamo he will not be able to pay off all debts accumulated until 30 June 2020 until the end of November, the club will be deducted with six points!

Letter received by Dinamo from FRF / Facebook Photo PCH

What does the regulation say in case of debts that Dinamo has

Violation of art. 60 – Lack of outstanding financial debts to football clubs Update: deduction of 3 points from the ranking of the current regular season;

Violation of art. 61 – Lack of outstanding financial debts towards employees Update: 3 points deduction from the ranking of the current regular season;

The sanctions referred to in art. 60, 61 and 61bis are cumulative.

Therefore, Dynamo could earn a score of six points!

  • Dinamo are in 15th place, with 5 points. In last place is Astra, 4 points

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