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If there is anything that pleases the Internet more than blockchain technology, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, they are memes. Dogecoin has a combination of all, so it's obvious that people all over the world have hummed on Dogecoin since its inception in 2013.

We will analyze the various aspects of the meme currency and try to understand what the supply limit of Dogecoin is.

The culture of memes has been so deeply rooted in our Internet generation that, without titles or important news, it is possible to avoid a popular trend of memes these days. The same applies to cryptocurrencies, and Dogecoin is the first example of how a meme has become a legitimate digital resource within a few years.

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Dogecoin- Meme | cryptocurrency

What started as a parody in 2013 has now become a legitimate cryptographic resource with a market capitalization of $ 274,625.017 USD. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin in 2013 as a trend for memes about the growing popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. With the spread of memes, Dogecoin became popular in a short time thanks to social media and Reddit threads.

Dogecoin was created by creating a bifurcation on the Litecoin network and aimed at a parody of cryptocurrencies and used for the content sector. People started exchanging cards with each other in Dogecoin to provide fun content on the Internet. The flagship bots like doger is Sodogetip they were responsible for creating the initial buzz in no time.

The popularity hit new heights in 2014 when it exceeded the Bitcoin trade volume. In addition, people started to see it as a mascot for cryptocurrencies that does not focus exclusively on the commercial and monetary aspect, making it a favorite among people.

I mean, think about it, you have a meme trend that can make you earn money, it's like a dream come true for the loving generation of internet enthusiastic memes.

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Is there an offer limit on Dogecoins?

No, there is no supply limit on the total number of Dogecoins, or we can say there is an unlimited supply of Dogecoins, DOGE.

It uses the same Proof of Work protocol as Litecoin and can be extracted in the same way. Litecoin and Dogecoin even joined their mining activities at the end of 2014, creating a Hard-Fork.

There are various exchanges that support Litecoin trading, which includes Yobit, fex, HitBTC, Poloniex, is Bittrex. The Dogecoin is rated against the BTC but can be combined with USD, ETH or even other legal currencies depending on the exchange.

You can use the official portfolio MultiDoge to keep your & # 39; good DOGE & # 39; safe, or you can opt for multi-currency wallets like ledger, Jaxx, KeepKey, is Coinomi.

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The rise of Dogecoin from the parody of cryptography to a legitimate digital resource demonstrates the power of memes in this generation. Now that DOGE is among the top 30 cryptocurrencies, the developer community has begun to focus on making the token better for usability and scalability. So we can conclude some things on the meme cum cryptocurrency,

  • Dogecoin uses the same Scrypt based algorithm of Litecoin, on which it is based.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Dogecoin that can be released in nature. The huge number of coins on the market keeps it at the top of the list of the most precious cryptocurrencies.
  • The founders of Dogecoin abandoned the project and its development continued by the community on a voluntary basis.

The Dogecoin has never been conceived as a financial resource or an investment, however, humor has the potential to overcome boundaries and bring people together, and DOGE is on the same path. It is one of the most easily accessible cryptocurrencies on the market today.

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