iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in the test: who is it worth buying for?


With four new models Apple make the twelfth edition of its iPhones attractive to interested customers – at prices of over 1500 euros, the US group must buy it iPhone 12 but provide many good arguments.

IMTEST, the consumer magazine of Funke Mediengruppe, has the two brand new ones iPhone 12 Pro is iPhone 12 tested and reveals if – and if so, for whom – it’s worth buying. The iPhone 12 Pro Max (with a better camera) and the iPhone 12 Mini (smaller than 1.5cm) will only be available from mid-November.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: The case is more angular

What you immediately notice when looking at the new iPhones is the corner frame that all models have. It replaces the rounded design of previous iPhones. The new chassis is reminiscent of older models such as the iPhone 4 or 5. The chassis of the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air 4 are designed similarly.

There are differences in production: when iPhone 12 the frame is composed of Aluminum, the heaviest 25 grams iPhone 12 Pro on stainless steel. It looks very high quality, but feels comfortable only after a bit longer acclimatization period. An advantage of the new design is that the new iPhones are not slippery and are safer in the hand.

iPhone 12 Receives OLED Screen – More Displays For The Money

Both iPhones have a display diagonal of 6.1 inch (15.49 cm). The frame that encloses your displays is relatively narrow. Apple called his OLED display to Super Retina XDR.

They scored points in the test very good black levels, very high contrast and very high brightness – at the top it reaches a maximum of 1200 cd / m2 (“Candela”) in HDR mode. The very high value describes the brightness of the display.

In its production, Apple relies on a technology called “Ceramic Shield”. Crystals surrounded by nanoparticles are said to make the glass up to four times more stable against drops than the hardened real glass in the previous iPhone 11 Pro. The 12 Series iPhones are also well protected against water and dust – the IP68 protection standard. guarantees it. It should be harmless Immersion guarantee in a water depth of up to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.

New Bionic A14 processor: fast and quite power hungry

Apple has the new iPhones with the current one processor equipped: the A14 Bionic. The Pro models also have six gigabytes (GB) of RAM, the base models four GB. According to the self-promotion, Apple’s 14 Bionic is “currently the fastest processor in a smartphone”. Both iPhones confirmed this in the Tempo test – they are very fast and reach previously unattained speeds, without interruption, no matter what memory-intensive or graphics-intensive apps and games they run.

This also guarantees speed 5G technology, which is first used in the iPhone. Mobile browsing is up to three times faster than LTE, assuming an appropriate network. IMTEST measured transmission speeds of 865 Mbit / s in the fast 3.6 GHz band (“n78”) with iPhones in the Vodafone 5G network in Hamburg. A very good value that can be achieved and exceeded in many metropolitan areas.

However, if the iPhone registers to a network that Telekom has converted from 3G to 5G, they can. Transfer speed be considerably less. Software-wise, the iPhone 12 models all run on Apple’s current iOS 14 operating system, which was released in September.

Battery life: a full ten hours of continuous use

With so much performance, the smartphone also needs a lot of stamina. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 lasts for up to 17 hours of continuous video playback on a single battery charge. in Battery test course by IMTEST with browsing, writing messages, using social media, watching movies on YouTube, making conventional video and phone calls, had to be recharged after 10 hours and 12 minutes.

Here, however, it gets a little complicated: to save resources, iPhones from the 12 series are used without power delivered. If you don’t have one, you have to buy one first (24.35 euros). The wireless charger is available for around 20 euros more “MagSafe”. The iPhone is simply placed on its magnetic charging coil and then charged with 15 watts of power. The magnet is so tight that even the iPhone can be picked up.

Photos and videos with the iPhone 12: more than just a camera

The iPhone 12 Pro also performed very well in Photo test: Overall, the three-lens system provided photos with a very high level of detail and great sharpness, including a natural color impression.

Many of the camera features were already present in the iPhone 11 Pro. One new feature is a wide-angle lens that primarily aims to provide more sharpness at the edges of the image: in the test, the recordings were barely noisy in their entirety.

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The Pro model also has a telephoto lens and a Lidar sensor for laser-based depth measurement. In practice, this ensures a better delineation of, for example, hair against a light background such as the sky. Plus, thanks to Lidar, autofocus works noticeably faster for night shots. Both iPhones take photos at night in usable quality thanks to an ultra wide angle sensor.

Conclusion: Who are iPhone 12 models worth buying for?

If you want to get a current iPhone, you need to dig deep into your pocket. The two test candidates (each equipped with the maximum memory size) cost € 1461.20 (iPhone 12 Pro) and € 1042.05 (iPhone 12).

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For so much money there are a lot of technical highlights included, such as a very fast working speed, almost indestructible workmanship, an excellent display, 5G and WLAN-ax support and a really good camera.

But if you want to own an iPhone without breaking your overdraft structure, you can use the iPhone SE as an alternative. The handy and updated smartphone is currently available for “only” 466.90 euros in the Apple online shop.

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