Instagram told us and we already know the weight training Sandra Barneda does to burn fat and be big


Sandra Barneda is not only a talented writer and solvent presenter, but her Instagram has also fallen in love with us. In it we can find from idyllic poses to reflections on what staying active means to her that make us want to adopt her fitness philosophy and exercise routine point by point. “Exercise keeps me active, helps me feel good and keep my spirit intact”he explains on his Instagram. And we don’t know what he’s like in spirit, but his physique is perfect. If you’re already tired of Elsa Pataky’s chair challenge and want to try training like Sandra Barneda, don’t miss the toning and fat burning exercise her personal trainer, Fran Moyá, posted on her account. Ahead of Sandra Barneda’s latest publication posing with XXL handlebars On Instagram we’re sure this weight training has a lot to do with the nice guy who looks like the presenter. Ready to try?

Exercise 1 to burn fat: deadlift with dumbbells

To start on the right foot, you need to choose the weight of the dumbbells well, not to go too far or fall short. And of course, if you have back problems, don’t even try. Stand with your legs hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell with each of your hands.

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To perform the deadlift with dumbbells, the movement you need to perform is the following: from that position, bend your knees and lower your hips as you that you lower the dumbbells towards the ground in a straight line (Try not to bend over or bring your arms forward). Remember to take air during the descent and expel it during the ascent to recover the starting position.

Fat Burning Exercise 2: Dumbbell Lats

Classic dumbbell lats are done in the position you would do for a squat: legs hip-width apart and knees bent but with a dumbbell in each hand. Maintaining this posture, raise the dumbbells trying not to move your hips or knees nor alter posture. Take a breath with the dumbbells down and exhale as you perform the upward movement.

Sandra Barneda, her dumbbells and her personal trainer, Fran Moy & aacute ;.

Sandra Barneda, her dumbbells and her personal trainer, Fran Moyá.

Fat burning trick 3: combine both exercises

Fran Moyá does a combination of both exercises turning them into one to further improve the results. To do this, start the movement with the deadlift, but when you come down, Take advantage of the fact that we are already in a squat position to perform a backbone before returning to the starting position.

According to the coach, “with this exercise we work more than one muscle at a time and this promotes fat burning. The greater the number of muscle groups you work on at the same time, the greater the effort and, consequently, we will get a greater energy-caloric expenditure“. Ready to test if it works?


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