In the new ad for the Experiments series, Apple encourages us to take impressive shots with everyday objects


Apple’s Experiments Series is a collection of videos that show us the ability of each generation’s iPhone to capture impressive shots. How? Using light effects, dry ice, ice, fire, etc. In a studio. A fun and interesting process that is closer to our homes today.

Everyday Experiments, to try at home

The Experiments series was never meant to be done by ourselves. It gives us ideas that we could apply at some point, but in general enough specific equipment is needed to make it. Instead, the new ad titled Everyday Experiments uses elements we can all have in our homes to capture amazing videos.

We can see, for example, how by mixing water, oil and food coloring in glass containers, the most curious effects can be created. Water-filled balloons are also used on colored cards recorded in slow motion. Finally, the video explores the iPhone 12’s night mode and its ability to create moving photos if we move bright objects during the exposure.

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It is clear that the cameras of the new iPhone 12, although to their extent also all those of previous generations, can offer us very creative options for taking pictures. As soon as we explore the objects that surround us, it is easy to make mini-projects like the ones we see in this video.

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