In the absence of customizable PS5 cases, this is how these users personalize their consoles


There is no time to waste and your ingenuity increases. Despite missing a few days before the arrival of PS5, users in the countries that have received the new console They took the opportunity to start customizing their machines.

Sony’s decision not to release the interchangeable cases for the PS5 has yet to do so many owners have come up with their imaginationsSome have even started setting up their own business in this regard. What started out as white has become a very original creation. Here are the best examples:

The best customizations for PS5

Iridescent vinyl. This was the decision made by user gaffy h, who wrapped the console in this rather cheap material and that obviously gives a unique aesthetic to the PS5. It cannot be said that it does not attract attention.

Have you dreamed of having a gold edition of your console, but has it always been too expensive for your pocket? You can take the example of French YouTuber GEEKMAP ™, who in a homely and very simple way, quickly transformed your console. Separate both shells, use a gold spray and voila, PS5 gold on the edge.

The opposite. When we see a white PS5, we automatically think about what it would look like with its opposite color. We don’t have to spin our imagination too many, the result is the following.

How about adding a different twist to the dark PS5? Red with black always looks good then this user has “splashed” his console to leave this effect to chance.

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“Inspired by 2x @drdisrespectmy custom PS5 only needs the doc logo “

If the golden touch doesn’t fill you up at all, you can add some extra shine. A kind of glitter It seems to cross the case of this PS5 and the owner of which does not hesitate to qualify its appearance.

“Why the hell not”

Sure, people dare. Bright and gaudy colors seem to be the order of the day. Reddit user TAGMods dared a risky color like purple; a sign of courage.


Definitely, what the crown jewel is. YouTube user Dave Lee created what, for now, it is the best customization ever seen on a PS5. Inspired by 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, he describes in a video the process that led him to create this marvel.

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