“I’m sorry I covered Genshin Impact”


Close to tears, a streamer reports how much he regrets having accompanied the cooperative RPG Genshin Impact. He apologizes and feels dirty.

Genshin Impact still attracts many players and is one of the great games of recent weeks. Numerous streamers and YouTubers have also jumped on the hype train and accompanied Genshin Impact or even invested huge sums of money into the game. Mtashed streamer is now drawing the first line. He couldn’t sleep because of his videos and he felt dirty from approving the game so much.

Who’s this? Most MeinMMO readers should already know Mtashed because he is a great Destiny streamer. Since the inception of Genshin Impact, he has mainly accompanied cooperative RPG and made numerous videos about it. Mostly these are guides and explanations of different mechanics, but often also videos in which he uses the prayer system to get new characters.

His videos on Genshin Impact are popular, reaching between 150,000 and 1.7 million views on YouTube.

Genshin Impact Claymore razor
Mtashed advises the hero Razor every now and then.

What he said? In one of his latest videos, Mtashed talks about not wanting to play on his Genshin Impact account, which has invested over $ 5,000. He regrets having shown the game and especially the gacha system so often.

There are very addicting practices in this game. I’m sorry if I’ve ever seduced you in prayers [das Gacha-System] use. I feel guilty about it. I couldn’t sleep well. I’m not kidding right now, I’m sorry I watched this match.

I am a content creator and can publish it as a business expense. And a single video, my tips video, earned me $ 7,300 [gemeint sind australische Dollar, umgerechnet ca. 5.200 US-Dollar oder 4.400 Euro] and basically paid for all the prayers I have done for this account. I know other people can’t do it. And I know that people have probably spent money on this game through my content.

Then Mtashed is visibly close to tears. He tries several times to find the words, but his voice keeps breaking. You can see the passage corresponding to minute 2:27.

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I am concerned that by promoting this game and displaying these weapons, I have misled other people into spending money on this game and that I have potentially caused financial damage by doing so. I think this system is very predatory. I believe this system is gambling.

Shortly after he explains:

I can no longer promote this game with a clear conscience. I can’t spend anything anymore because it makes me feel dirty.

What are the consequences of Mtashed? During that day, Mtashed made private all videos in which he used the gacha system and used wishes. He regrets that these videos may have led other people to invest money in the game that they may not have for it.

Evaluation Newspaper of the Genshin Impact Money Survey
You can leave a lot of money in Genshin Impact and then be disappointed. Like gambling.

What is Mtashed doing now? Mtashed still wants to play Genshin Impact, but on a new Free2Play account. He does not want to spend money there and uses wishes only if he has earned them in the game. This is also possible via the playable currency Urgestein (Primogems).

He only wants to use his old account for some guides and explanations, but otherwise he doesn’t want to play anymore.

What do you think of the streamer’s reaction? Do you like how he works here and what he says? Have you already left a lot of money in Genshin Impact?

In a survey you told us how much money you already have left in Genshin Impact.

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