I’m Betty the Ugly | Chapter 20 – Part 2


After finding out what Patricia did in Betty’s office, Armando arrives and clarifies her.

11 November 2020 22:00By: canalrcn.com

Betty (Ana María Orozco) tells Freddy (Julio César) that Don Armando (Jorge Enrique Abello) arrives at night.

When Freddy is trying to tell Armando about his car, his boss arrives with Mario (Ricardo Vélez).

Furious, Armando arrives at Patricia and asks her about her interest in suppliers.

Freddy tries to tell Armando what happened with his car, but he doesn’t go away and goes away.

Mario receives a call that will leave him speechless. Well, the fabrics are kept.

Faced with the situation, Betty discovers and tells Armando that the fabrics were contraband.


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