If you consider PS5 and XSX games expensive | Yes, we bring you bad news


The transition to a new generation of consoles involves assimilation new costs.

As for the hardware, it is logical to think that a new generation console costs more than a current one. But the argument of Software sparked a debate within the community.

A triple A game released in PlayStation 4 Y Xbox One costs regularly $ 60 (provided that factors such as special editions or additional add-ons are kept out of the equation), but in the case of PlayStation 5 Y Xbox Series X | S. that price is already in 70 dollars.

Take-Two Interactive was one of the first companies to make public the price of its games on next-generation consoles, after revealing it NBA 2K21 it would cost those 70 dollars on Sony and Microsoft platforms.

Games like Demon souls Y Godfall in their standard editions they are already present on the PlayStation Store with the brand 70 dollars.

In this context, one might think that these prices are the ones that will be in effect in the first phase of the life of the consoles, but in order to anticipate the impact that your wallet will eventually receive, you need to know that prices will rise somewhat.

According to a series of testimonials gathered by Bloomberg, it is clear in the industry that that price is a reflection of the cost of production it’s still the profit remains below Than it should actually be

‘We charge much, much less than the value we provide’ Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick said, while Sony executives confirmed they’ve already discussed the increase in prices to the public.

A representative of the Japanese company said that some PlayStation 5 launch titles will be in the $ 50 range, while large games will be in the $ 70 range. But he teased that the prices will serve the resources needed to develop the most ambitious games.

Bloomberg said the $ 60 average cost of opening a triple A match has been in place for decades, so the $ 70 for game standardization it will be the first real increase in years.

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