Identity card, vote and S-Coin payments for the integration of the Government of South Korea

ICON Unveils 3 New Blockchain Apps: Identity Card, Votes and S Currency Payments for South Korean Government Integration

The most popular ICON encryption platform has recently been in crisis, with the project not only promising its roadmaps by promising (in a timely manner) but also releasing new, exciting dApps quite frequently. In this regard, ICON has recently collaborated with the Government of South Korea to develop three new dApps that will be used by residents of Seoul (for a range of different social and political issues).

The three apps include:

  • ICON Blockchain Identification Card
  • ICON Blockchain Vote
  • ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments.

How will these offers influence the citizens of Seoul?

As is clear from product names, the primary objectives of ICON's latest blockchain offerings are to create a more reliable, democratic and prosperous society. In this regard, the Blockchain Citizen ID Card will serve as an automatic test that the citizens of Seoul can use to make purchases, sign up for various banking services, etc.

To obtain this identity card, all users must complete a form that requires their basic details. The whole process is quite efficient and can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

Likewise, the "Blockchain Vote" module allows anyone with the above ID card to access the native ICON voting system. To further deepen this point, we can see that the voting system is not independent, but was designed as part of the ICONLOOP joint venture with the Korea National Information Society Agency and the Korea National Election Commission.

Finally, we have the ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payment system. As the name suggests, this offer was designed to allow users to make cashless transactions in an extremely streamlined and transparent manner. To make a purchase using this system, all you have to do is simply scan the QR code of the desired product (which then automatically activates a specially designed payment protocol).

Recent history of the ICON market

At the beginning of this year, ICON left the Ethereum network to switch to its mainnet framework. Since then, the firm has collaborated / collaborated with various financial entities (both large and small) all over the world. For example, the company recently collaborated with TRIVE to create an educational ecosystem focused on blockchain technology.

If that was not enough, the ICON leadership team has been in talks with Park Won – soon, the mayor of Seoul, to draw up a five-year plan that will see the company get $ 108 million for the development of Seoul in a smart city a blockchain.

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