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Stellar XLM is a well known platform that has received much popularity and attention recently. Its goal is to connect payment systems, banks and people more efficiently and make payment processes faster and easier to make. In fact, its protocol is designed specifically to make international payments faster and more efficient.

Not only that, but Stellar XLM also allows others to issue tokens via ICO, DEX and even host dApps. It was created by a group composed of David Mazieres, Graydon Hoare and Jed McCaleb in 2014. So far it has attracted numerous investors, consultants and board members who include some rather large names.

Stellar wants to make the world better by making financial services better, which is why it has the potential to be one of the biggest projects that will lead us into a brighter future. Of course, this takes time and investing in Stellar should be considered as a long-term issue. Here are some of the reasons why investing in this project is a smart decision.

Why investing in Stellar XLM is a good idea

1) Partnership with IBM

Over the years, Stellar has become very close with IBM and the two have made much progress on more shared initiatives. In many cases, partnerships between companies and various scrambled are only real in the name. Companies want to demonstrate how modern and progressive they are and the criptos receive more attention because of their new connection with a big name.

However, this is not the case with Stellar and IBM. Since the two collaborated, this collaboration has shown extreme value for both parties. IBM uses XLM for the blockchain solutions of the company in the real environment and the partnership has led to a noticeable improvement in cross-border payments.

IBM has also revealed plans to create its own personal token, Verde, which probably means that the company will use Stellar as the main bridge resource in the UPS, their joint venture. What Stellar is receiving in return are 8 validation nodes and their technology used for their customers. Furthermore, numerous joint projects initiated by the two entities continue to flourish.

2) Stellar XLM supports stable coins

Stable currencies have appeared as a method to highlight the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. They do this by binding to assets in the real world, like a legal currency. This has brought several stable coins, the best known is Tether, which is linked to the US dollar.

Now, there is news of another stable currency, US Anchor, which does the same, and it does so through the Stellar network. This coin is launched by a startup called Stronghold. And while Tether's financial support is not known to the public, Anchor is said to be fully supported by the dollar and will use the funds held by a company called Prime Trust.

IBM itself is also involved in this project, with the aim of exploring the use cases that can generate stable currencies. Moreover, thanks to its great customer ecosystem, IBM is also the perfect way for money to reach the market. In the end, IBM hopes to see Achor become a currency for financial institutions, and for various purposes.

If Anchor, or some other stable currency, is implemented on the Stellar network without problems, it is also expected that CBDC (It may soon arrive also the currency issued by the central bank). While this would bring Stellar to new heights, it's also a matter of decentralization involved. Stellar itself is decentralized, which could mean that banks would have a problem with this.

In addition, many wonder whether stable currencies could hurt Stellar's potential as a bridge. However, even if this is a valid problem, it is not entirely clear whether stable coins represent a threat to the functionality of Stellar.

3) Coinbase targeting for Stellar XLM

Coinbase has been the dream of every crypt for years, and many coins would give anything to be on their list. Historically, Coinbase has been quite selective of the coins it adopts. This is due to numerous regulatory uncertainties as the platform does not want to get into trouble if it discovers that one of their coins is a security or a scam.

However, the platform has made serious efforts to overcome this fear and expand their token list. Recently, they announced that they are examining numerous coins in search of their next addition, with Stellar as one of them. Obviously, this does not mean that Stellar is already on the list because Coinbase itself has said that perhaps none of the coins they are considering will actually be added. However, the fact that Coinbase has taken Stellar as a potential candidate means a lot to this crypt.

4) Stellar XLM addresses a huge addressable market

We have already said that Stellar is trying to revolutionize many markets, but when combined, its total addressable market is really huge and worth tens of trillions of dollars. Even if it gets involved in a small part of this, it could still mean billions of dollars for everyone involved, and the price of the currency would reach the moon.

Of course, Stellar has a lot of work to do here, and it also has a lot of competition like OmiseGo and Ripple. However, his biggest opponent is the traditional method of making payments. Stellar is bringing new technology, one that many are still wary of. With this in mind, it will first have to convince these markets that its technology is reliable and truly better than it has been using for decades.

5) The Lightning network

The Lightning network has brought a promise to increase privacy and the coins that wish to remain relevant probably will have no choice but to get on it. Stellar is far ahead of many others in this regard and hopes to have a live implementation by the end of the year.

Lightning Network technology will allow even more to use cases and transaction speeds much faster. Not to mention almost atomic almost instantaneous atomic exchanges between XLMs, other Stellar tokens like Anchor and other encrypted ones.

6) Stellar XLM allows ICOs

Ethereum has grown to become a second cryptography for a reason, and this is its ability to raise money through ICO. Now, Stellar hopes to do the same. However, Stellar hopes to do things a little differently. It does not require the gas to execute a program and its transaction fees are extremely low. This makes it very interesting for developers, especially because gas prices on other blockchains have become very expensive.

In addition, Stellar (XLM) also has a decentralized exchange that allows immediate trading of tokens. All this combined makes Stellar one of the most attractive coins today, and basically sets it as one of the coins of the future. For this reason, avoiding Stellar would now be a big mistake for all those who hope to make a smart investment.

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