Ico and Cesce join forces to help companies finance themselves


The taxes on monetary products have gradually decreased over the last decade or so. This has been an optimistic growth for the client, but not so much for monetary advisors or financial intermediaries who sell financial products. As with a Wall Street Journal article, starting in 2000, the normal 12-month mutual fund fees have fallen by over a third. For reserves that track an equity index, the average rate is now less than 2%.

Initial coin offer (ICO) which was a crowdfunding way used by new encryption companies to increase money. In ICO, few fractions of the new cryptography delivered are sold to users who are absorbed in assistance to the organization. They are vented for the exchange for other scrambles recognized as Bitcoin, Ether and fiat.

Supporters buy the new cryptocurrency with the intention of associate partner to create a profit once it increases in value. it is just like the principle of people making a profit once the share acquired in the securities market increases in value. ICO is totally different from getting shares in a securities market because a share of ownership is not obtained immediately after investment in the new tokens. China has banned ICOs and Russia from highlighting a very different set of rules and laws for ICOs with the promise that investors will sell their tokens. His future is the putrefaction within his own skin of struggles to cross that extra bridge to demonstrate their quality.

ICO has tried to be a revolutionary method for different companies and comes to increase cash. The ICO may be aforementioned due to the mix of typical ways and advanced techniques. the first factor to consider here is that investor investments within the ICO are 100% risk-free because of the technology used. What is a Spanish export credit insurance company would strengthen its Business Support Account, developed in 2013 to facilitate and guarantee access to non-bank support for SMEs, from the authorized t6Acclaim Institute (ICO).

Until now, most ICO funds are collected via Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). while, acting as ICO, the project produces a Bitcoin or Ethereum address to receive funds, then shows it on several websites. The procedure is similar to that of a current account, then show it on a website specific to individuals so that they send money.

According to the news published on the company's website, they have entered into a contract in which ICO will capitalize 10 million euros as mentioned before and where until now has supported invoices from Spanish companies for loans over 700 million. The Fund offers to finance the Cesce customer through the non-recourse discount of profitable invoices where the semi-public credit insurance activity and the State account holder have issued a complete and binding insurance.

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