Husband and wife underwent cancer treatment together on a daily basis


Cláudia and Emerson faced the battle against cancer together (Photo: Marcella Cupaiuolo / Reproduction / EPTV)

A couple from Ribeirão Preto found out about the same time that they both had cancer. The life-changing news of account manager Cláudia Melo and businessman Emerson Melo came in July 2019.

Cláudia discovered breast cancer two days before her husband started chemotherapy to treat testicular cancer.


“She would start chemotherapy on Monday and on Friday I was diagnosed that I too had cancer. So that weekend was very distressing. It felt like the floor had opened at my feet. I thought I was going to die,” he said. said Cláudia, in an interview for EPTV.

They both had advanced cancer. “We didn’t have the strength to work and we are both self-employed, so we were also worried. How were we going to support the house, to keep the accounts up to date?” Added the account manager.

They started chemotherapy, then Cláudia had to undergo an operation and go through multiple radiotherapy sections to cure the disease. Fear was present in every part of the treatment. But, little by little, the desire to win the battle turned out to be much greater.

“It was important for me to start the treatment even a little earlier than her. I followed the process, I saw how it works and I was able, in a more relaxed way, to be able to help her. Because she suffered a lot from the side effects”, Emerson said.

Today Emerson is cured of her illness and Cláudia is in the final stage of treatment. She undergoes milder chemotherapy with no side effects every 21 days.

“There were many lessons. For example, observing and appreciating the simpler things in life, like a sunset, a ride in the car, eating an ice cream on the corner. These are simple things, which today make a difference”, says the business man.

“There were things we were so focused on in our work, in having, in having things, that we forgot the most important thing, which is to be with the person we love most. So, we learned to live every day. as if it were the last, “added Cláudia (With EPTV information).


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