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Chinese tech company Huawei unveiled the second version of its smart glasses this week: X Gentle Monster Eyewear II, with which you can answer and end calls and listen to music.

The glasses have wireless charging which is done through the device case. The company noted that the team supports 3.5 hours of calls, 5 hours of music and 42 hours of sleep mode on a full charge, which is obtained in 90 minutes.

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Here comes the X Gentle Monster Eyewear II two different models of glasses and two versions for sunglasses.

Huawei has indicated that this new version has a “audio system that minimizes the presence of audio losses through reverse sound wavesThis way we make sure that conversations are completely private, even in quiet environments ”.

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Huawei smart glasses

The X Gentle Monster Eyewear II has two different eyewear models and two sunglass versions.

Smart glasses have a sensor, where the user through different touches and movements can skip tracks, adjust volume, pause or answer a call, or pair with another deviceor. Also, “Adaptive Playback Control allows the glasses to pause or resume playback by taking them off or on in 3 minutes.”

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The equipment has a protocol Bluetooth 5.2. Huawei specified that “the glasses intelligently identify typical scenarios and then apply an optimized solution to minimize audio latency, achieving stable and constant signal transmission while gaming”.

Las glasses Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II they are not waterproof.

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