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CoinCap vs. CoinMarketCap Review of the largest Crypto Market data sites

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies from day to day, the need for reliable sites that offer all relevant information on different digital resources also increases. Two of the main sources where you can find price information and charts to analyze the movement of the encrypted ones are CoinMarketCap and CoinCap. While both these platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, the competition is heating up as the industry grows.

So which offers users more functionality? Here is a review of CoinMarketCap and CoinCap and what the two platforms have to offer.

CoinCap Review

CoinCap has been operating for some time, but has recently received some important updates to improve the user experience. As part of the newly built platform, it offers a real-time market and price changes, including hourly rate changes, which CoinMarketCap does not offer.

Furthermore, CoinCap has incorporated more advanced trading and trading tools for professional traders. Provides TradingView tools that give users more options in cases where real-time data is involved.

It is also worth mentioning that CoinCap does not host any advertising, at least until now. His website seems to be more optimized for mobile users, compared to CoinMarketCap. The platform includes the debut of a new application dedicated to the end of 2018, which will be available for Android and iOS users.


This is perhaps the biggest cryptocurrency information site so far. It receives incredible traffic and offers users a lot of relevant information on cryptocurrency, including historical data and individual coin projects sites. The platform classifies currencies by market capitalization, trading volume and supply, and traders can also see 24-hour changes and 7-day changes of all cryptocurrencies. However, the platform does not offer any real-time information on money, which has been considered as the main weakness.

There were also concerns about CoinMarketCap excluding some exchanges and prices from the market. The dispute was confirmed in 2017 and 2018 when the platform decided to remove prices from the Korean stock exchanges. However, all the platforms were reinstated after a while.

CoinMarketCap also has many advertisements, which help the platform generate revenue. The information on the site, however, seems to be organized, but more advanced trading tools could really help the site maintain its leading position as the main site for cryptocurrency data.

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