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After cryptocurrencies have become important in recent years, so they have made their numbers, and we currently have almost 2,000 different digital coins to choose from our favorites. Although this is a good thing from a corner, it can also be a bad thing for another.

The rise of many criptos shows that the interest in them is great. Several coins and blockchain are dedicated to the resolution of different issues, which is seen by many as a step in the right direction.

However, this also makes it more difficult for investors to focus on a single currency, with so many others who are there to distract them. Moreover, it often happens that the true potential of a currency is not noticed due to the fact that the crypt is buried in the sea of ​​other digital goods.

NEO is one of these coins and many believe it is enormously underestimated. While NEO has its own loving community, it would seem that most investors are unaware of the true potential of the NEO currency. For this reason, investors are losing a great opportunity, while the road to the size of the NEO receives even more obstacles than those that the crypt should usually face.

With this in mind, we believe that the NEO deserves more attention, especially when it comes to its best aspects. It is a high quality coin with a real possibility of being a moon moon, and it must only be recognized as such.

About NEO

NEO Coin was founded in 2014 and was created by Da Hongfei under the name Antshares. After a while, he changed his name to NEO and updated his smart contracts with a much better quality. His goal is to create a fully functional intelligent economy that integrates digital assets, smart contracts, digital identities and more. This smart economy would work like a P2P network, without the need for an intermediary in any type of transaction.

Since its creation, NEO has brought together an excellent team, great technology, numerous unique features and has become very developer-friendly. Its programmer community has grown a lot over the years, and the currency has supporters all over the world.

Now that we know the basics, let's look at some aspects of NEO that actually make it a potential moon moon. In the end, you could start sharing this opinion, especially after examining some of the best features of this project.

The best features of NEO

1) Many high quality dApps

Most blockchains are developed by creating dApps in mind, and NEO is no different. Its apps cover many different areas such as gaming, IoT, music, WiFi sharing, advertising and more.

And while the launch of an intelligent contract is a bit more expensive on NEO than on Ethereum, this will probably help keep only the best quality projects on the network. Ethereum has many more dApps developed so far, but many of them are not of high quality and are only clogging up the system.

2) Game on the blockchain

It should be noted that NEO has a special NEO domain. Game, which is an exceptional platform from the development of the game on the blockchain. So far, the currency team has awarded more than $ 30,000 in prizes for players on the blockchain. At the moment, there are more than 30 games that NEO blockchain is creating.

We should stress that gaming blockchain is not the same as gaming, as many of us know since it focuses mainly on the gain of virtual resources. These assets can then be sold or traded and many believe that gaming is the easiest way to access encrypted ones.

3) Easy creation of smart contracts

Smart contracts are one of the most important aspects of any blockchain, and as such, they must be as easy to do as possible. Otherwise, they will not be available to many people and the blockchain will lose in popularity. This is something NEO understands, and its blockchain supports several programming languages, such as Java, C #, F #, Kotlin and VB.Net. The team is also planning to introduce more languages, which will make the NEO smart contracts even easier to create.

4) The developer community

With a blockchain that is focusing so much on developing and creating excellent and easy-to-use development tools, it's not surprising that its developer community is so broad and supportive. NEO organizes meetings, always creates new tools and also provides tutorials for aspiring developers.

Everything is done with the goal of creating the best open source community out there. This is one of the final goals of NEO, and so far it has worked very well in this field.

5) Cross-chain interoperability of NEO

Cross-chain interoperability is a very desired function in the blockchain. This is basically a feature that allows cross-blockchain contracts within a single smart contract. In the case of NEO, the functionality was introduced by the NeoX protocol.

This protocol also makes NEO compatible with numerous other blockchains, with the only condition that they support a simple smart contract functionality. For now, the feature is still under development, with the release date still pending.

6) NeoFS

NeoFS is a distributed storage protocol for NEO and uses DHT technology. This technology allows smart contracts to divide data files into smaller groups and store them in network nodes. When the user demonstrates his identity, he can access these files without problems.

7) Governance

So, we have governance, which is one of the most significant aspects for a cryptocurrency, because it shows if it is decentralized. The NEO has received some criticisms stating that its nodes are centralized, especially since project developers control the majority. Since then, the NEO has made efforts to decentralize it.

With the decentralized nodes, the coin holders will be responsible for the blockchain, with the decisions taken by the vote.

8) TPS

The speed of transactions is another big thing in the blockchain world, and NEO can reach between 1,000 and 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). This makes it much, much faster than Ethereum, which can handle only about 15 TPS.

Because NEO does practically the same things as Ethereum, only much better, many have speculated that it is only a matter of time before NEO replaces ETH. However, this has yet to happen, and although NEO is stronger and more modern, ETH manages to remain relevant.


Next, we have NEO VM or NEO Virtual Machine. It is similar to Java VM and Windows .NET Runtime. It can use smart contracts in different programming languages ​​and bring them to different systems, even those without any connection to a blockchain.

10) Partnerships

Finally, there is the question of partnerships. The NEO currency has already done well here too, collaborating with large venture capital funds, such as its NEO Global Capital, or Fenbushi Capital.

More recently, NEO is looking for partners in the gaming industry, which has a Parasec Frontiers. This is a company that is creating MMO games on the blockchain, and NEO has decided to join this project.

And also entered into an agreement with a company called Elastos. The agreement is to explore common applications and technologies so that the smart economy can be developed even better.

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