How much does the iPhone 12 cost in Romania? Here are the prices announced for the 4 Apple models


The wait is over. If you are tempted by one of the iPhone 12 models, you find that they are available for pre-order in Romania.

The new iPhone reaches users later than ever. Launched in October, iPhone 12 will be available in stores in Romania next week. And now you know the prices. Operators Orange and Vodafone presented the price list of each iPhone 12 model. Pre-orders on eMAG or iStyle were also launched.

There is also good news. If in other countries the 4 models have arrived in two phases, and from 13 November the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will also be available, in Romania you can pre-order any of these models. And deliveries will begin next Friday.

But there’s a problem. Demand for the first 5G iPhones was very high, so stocks run out quickly. In Orange, for example, the iPhone 12 Pro Max version is no longer available.

IPhone12 price in Romania:

  • ORANGE – 4.488 lei
  • VODAFONE – 4.380 HER
  • EMAG – HER 4,549
  • ISTYLE – 4,549 lei

Mini iPhone12 price in Romania:

  • ORANGE – 3.994 lei
  • VODAFONE – 3,883 HER
  • EMAG – 3,999 LEI
  • ISTYLE – 3,999 lei

IPhone12 PRO price in Romania:

  • ORANGE – 5,722 lei
  • VODAFONE – 5,577 HER
  • EMAG – HER 5,799
  • ISTYLE – 5,899 lei

IPhone12 PRO Max price in Romania:

  • VODAFONE – 6,073 HER
  • EMAG – 6,299 LEI
  • ISTYLE – 6,399 lei

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