How does Cristiano Ronaldo behave with Radu Dragusin, the young Romanian on his Juventus debut


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Radu Dragusin to Florin Manea: “I want to be the best central defender in the world”

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The young central defender is hired by Florin Manea and the agent recounted what discussion he recently had with the footballer.

“What do you want to do? Where do you think you can go?” Manea recently asked Dragusin, informs “I’m thinking of being the best central defender in the world!” “Yes? Then you have Cristiano Ronaldo in front of you. Your only chance is to work like him!”, was the dialogue between the two.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a model for Radu Dragusin

Florin Manea he also revealed his attitude Cristiano Ronaldo in front of him Radu Dragusin, but also how our footballer tries to imitate the Portuguese star.

Cristiano behaves well with Radu and the other young people, all the stars of Juventus are concerned with giving them advice, helping them. Dragusin, to imitate Ronaldo, works 4 hours a day, apart from his own training. he said, two hours earlier and two hours later!

I keep Radu away from advertising, I am not interested in saying that it is worth tens of millions of euros! He doesn’t want to be a star either. And it isn’t! I also said, “Are you a football player?” Play a Juventus starter match by match! “He said” Yes, that’s right! “said Florin Manea, Dragusin’s agent.

  • Juventus play today with Turin, from 19:00, LIVE on Digi Sport 1. It could be Radu Dragusin’s second match with the black and white shirt.

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