How does COVID-19 spread in a social classroom, bar and classroom?


The newspaper El País in Spain has designed a graphic model to simulate the spread of the virus coronavirus (COVID-19
in three different scenarios.

The first of the exercises was done with a design of a meeting room (social room) in a house, in which six people were gathered and one of them was infected, but without symptoms. In the simulation, the characteristics of the place and the care of the people have changed: they have applied ventilation and masks to the characters.

The second scenario is a bar, where 15 people and three employees enter. Site conditions and security measures also vary to determine how SARS -COV 2, also known as COVID-19, spreads.

And the third, a classroom with 24 students. In this, the simulation was also carried out by changing the air conditions and the protective measures of the participants, such as the use of masks.

“Current recommendations on aerosol contagion tell us that we must avoid enclosed spaces, wear a mask and maintain physical distances between people; Also, keep ventilation indoors to prevent drafts from sweeping away these small invisible drops and reduce infection, ”explained doctor Jaime Castellanos, from the Institute of Virology at El Bosque University, Bogotá.

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