HOROSCOPE November 12. Today the third Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is being perfected. Steep year-end changes for these signs


HOROSCOPE November 12 – Aries

In your case, the conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto is about career. It has happened to you at least twice this year to ask yourself if you are going in the right direction in this direction, if your skills in another company or even in another field of activity would not have been better valued. Or maybe you’ve already taken an important step at this level, but things haven’t turned out exactly as you hoped. This astral event asks you to take stock, to see if the choice you made was the best in this context.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Taurus

As for you, the conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto brings the result of a rather long maturation process, which has served you a cold and a hot one at a constant rate throughout the year. You have encountered all sorts of important events that have changed some of your principles, which have shown you that you can have a lot to lose if you are resistant to changes in your philosophy of life. In many situations in 2020, you had little choice but to show flexibility, but if you judge things coldly, you will see that you also had something to gain.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Gemini

In your astral map, the conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto takes place permanently in the house of relationships and money. In 2020, perhaps more than in other years, you realized that you can’t keep the two areas separate, especially if you work in a professional partnership or want to take the relationship to the next level. But discussions on finance have not always been the most transparent, and not infrequently they have highlighted the fact that you have different interests on certain issues or tend to engage in real power struggles. There must be balance and communication.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Cancer

In your general horoscope, the third conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto this year forms in the house of partnerships. For the last time in a fairly long period of time, your center of interest should be the relationships you have with the people you work with, respectively, your loved one. The balance of power between you has fluctuated a lot in recent months, and at least two periods have been characterized by heated discussions on this issue, by extreme competitiveness. Now it’s time to draw the line and see how you feel in this chapter.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Leo

In your case, the conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto is created in the house of work and health. This means that the remainder of the year surprises you either exhausted and with no direction at work, or excited by the habits you formed in 2020. If you are among the natives of the first category, however, you find that time is not wasted. Set some clear resolutions for the past few months and set some clear goals for the next year. Surely you have chosen with a lot of stress and fatigue in this period and you need to be very careful how to manage them.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Virgo

As for you, the conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto occupies the house of love and children. For some natives, this may have been an intense but toxic romance that took place this year. In others (tele), it could be a stalemate in the couple, relationship problems with the children or difficulties in establishing / extending the family. Somehow you got out of the harbor, but there are still things to do to go in the right direction. Do not forget to think more about yourself, not to give up your hobbies and hobbies.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Libra

The third conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto of the year is perfect in the family home, a sign that you shouldn’t wait for the winter holiday season to shift your focus to this area of ​​life. It is true that this sector has come to your attention throughout the year, whether you like it or not for various reasons, but don’t think it’s a coincidence. You have to work on some family relationships, move them to other foundations, draw boundaries, and learn to say things that are hard to say.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Scorpio

The conjunctions of Jupiter with Pluto this year have tried to show you that it would be good to show more assertiveness in the way you communicate, only that there is a limit, that you have to speak carefully and in moderation. There have been many occasions where you have seen how important it is how you express yourself, that each bird rises and dies on its tongue. Look back and try to remember how you posed the problem when you successfully imposed your point of view and how you approached things when you failed.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Sagittarius

The latest conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto in 2020 showed you that you need to act financially. This means that you can manage your budget more carefully, only take calculated risks, be daring, but don’t lose control. In short, this series of astral events has tried to teach you to play it safe, to know when to stop. It is true that you may have suffered losses along the way, at least until you realized how things stand, but now you are more aware than ever when it would be appropriate to stop and analyze carefully.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Capricorn

In your case, the third conjunction of Jupiter with Pluto is perfected precisely in the sign of your birth. It is therefore not surprising that you are among the natives who have undergone a great transformation this year on a physical level, but especially internally. You have been confronted with all kinds of events that have left their mark on you, which have made you open your eyes in certain respects. Here’s a good opportunity to sift through these turning points in 2020 and see how they have affected you. Perhaps there are other aspects that can be worked on.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Aquarius

With Jupiter and Pluto in the house of the subconscious for the third time this year, he beats the gong of the last train by giving up toxic attachments. It can be a thing, a person, a situation in the present or past landscape, but which still holds the reins. It’s time for you to go to the helm, draw some boundaries and take the bull by the horns. Otherwise you risk dragging more or less real blocks into 2021 that will not allow you to achieve the goals you have set for next year.

HOROSCOPE November 12 – Pisces

In your solar map, Jupiter and Pluto make the third conjunction this year in the house of future plans and projects. After a year that has drastically and abruptly changed your long-term trajectory, it is possible that another change of direction will take place in the coming weeks, by the end of this year. We have learned, we hope, that the calculation at home does not coincide with the one at the fair, that you must be flexible, but without losing sight of the main coordinates of the path you have chosen for success. Be surprised at times and act according to the given circumstances.

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