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Empowerment Tuesday, the day when it is important not to be carried away by strong emotions or sudden impulses, for this there is a sextile between Pluto and the Moon, which is still in increasing brightness.

You would give the best of your instincts at least for a moment, is what indicates the regency of Pisces as a conciliator, now better than ever you may feel with the desire not to stop at any moment.

We cannot forget that Mercury continues in its retrograde phase and would make everything seem much slower, no matter what planes or energy you print. But the energy of the cosmos somewhat counteracts its difficult streak. Good luck number five, great opportunities to be successful as a team, because suddenly you realize that the more heads, the easier the daily trials.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Forecast for the day: Pisces as a dominant sign helps you stay in place despite the fact that everything paints to stop. That is to say that as much as things were in crisis, you try to keep the balance in the least way for you and for this the energy of the water would help you to achieve it.

General energy: Chances are you have been fighting against the grain during this month, that nothing stops you or makes you feel that you would not find the best opportunities of the day to feel advantaged in the face of negativity. It is the dominion of Mercury that with high probability would make you suddenly move in a positive way.

Do not be surprised today by the good energy of the sextile between the Moon and Pluto, it is likely that it is the one that generates the corresponding spirit to come out convinced and determined to achieve the objectives that you set yourself today regardless of the obstacles.

Today number five is in favor, it may be that you are thinking about including your partner or family member in a business matter, but as a suggestion it would not be ideal. These are just suggestions, but you will really appreciate it later on. Remember that for a reason things go apart, although there are those who trust you enough that nothing ever stops you.

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EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Forecast for the day: tremendous energy is what lights up you thanks to the crescent moon, so you would feel very eager to do it all at once. You have to try not to be excessive, because that energy that you would be overflowing with isn’t exactly that good when your emotions are variable. Focus on what is urgent and non-trivial.

General energy: When you talk about karma, it is generally associated with an energy contrary to what you do. It really depends on whether the intention is positive or negative, in the end it all comes back multiplied, be it good or bad. So don’t feel insecure with Mercury in its retrograde phase, you would finally get over what stands in the way today.

Pisces would suddenly do their thing to attract you with positivity, remembering with great joy everything that made you feel ahead of others from the best perspective. A feeling of confidence begins for you, thanks to the various activities that help you channel what you feel.

The number five is good for you today, especially since you are likely reaching the pinnacle of success, it’s not the first time you might try to prove to yourself that you are a person with such a claw and energy to be positive today and always. For this reason, today you would be an example to others, because they admire you and encourage you to feel calmer than before.

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AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Forecast for the day: The time has come to put everything that stops you in a drawer and move on as if there was no tomorrow. The regency of the sextile between the Moon and Pluto would tell you, since they attract like magnets the advantages you have long expected.

General energy: It seems that Mercury may suddenly appear in a negative way and there is no chance of letting that feeling out of your system. You will actually be pleasantly surprised because you are doing the impossible to get the best of yourself today and you will get good results.

The time has come to allow the Moon to regain your energy to enlighten you as you would have asked before. You would probably be a little desperate not to quickly reach those goals where you set yourself to be successful.

Even if you may not realize it, you can be a hero to others, perhaps you are walking calmly and with firm step because today the number five would favor you in the best way. Focus on being empathic and customizable, following your instincts, learning and education, as complements to attract success, luck and achievement.

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WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Forecast for the dayTry to be as consistent with others as possible, however you may have been too busy to pay enough attention to those who love you. While it’s not a fact just a possibility, it’s Mercury that could lead to behavior like the one mentioned.

General energy: Would you relax for a moment after hearing that your prayers have taken effect regardless of your creed or religion, you will likely have the help of male figures so that you can emerge victorious from compromising situations. This is what the rising energy of the Moon indicates, which in its regency moves the day at will and abruptly.
Continuing with the Moon, today there is a sextile between it and Pluto, it seems that they attract conciliations but above all good races. You may take advantage of the noblest of what is offered to you in that energy which makes things so much better for you than on other days.
Number five is the one that gives off an energy of luck so consider not spending unnecessarily. Probably when the money arrives in your wallet, it seems that you want to leave terrified, to make the corresponding and necessary changes towards saving more than on other days.

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