Hodler Mining ICO (Token HODLR): Crowd crowdfunding operation?

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Hodler Mining ICO

Hodler Mining is a revolutionary cryptocurrency mining platform that aims to compete with cloud mining services based on monthly and annual contracts. As of now, the company is currently conducting its ICO after successfully completing its presale event. Because this plant is located on a large mine, its old-fashioned approach has been excessively prosperous. In particular, the extraction of Hodler mainly concerns the coining of altcoins.

Ideally, Hodler mining intends to create a digital currency mining operation funded by crowdfunding to ensure the viability and sustainability of the cryptocurrency date. Mining is performed using state-of-the-art equipment with cutting-edge technology such as immersion or immersion cooling technology. The platform codebase includes eight different programming languages ​​and is based on blockchain 3.0 architecture. During the presale, a total of 2,020 HODLRs were sold, with an additional 997,750 HODLR assigned for ICO.

Previously, Hodler has led successful sales to customers, with the most notable being Qredit's ICO. For this reason, the company has an excellent reputation in cryptographic space. Essentially, Qredit is a blockchain project whose main objective was to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. In addition, customers can easily exchange tokens using the NFC functionality on their mobile devices. In addition, Qredit had a feature known as the Qreditcard through which customers would receive funds on the Neblio platform.

Thanks to its innovativeness and its rich history, the Hodler Company has had considerable success, especially in the sale of tokens in progress. In addition, the HODLR token is profitable and easy to convert, making it a useful resource for investors. In addition, Hodler uses a distinctive compensation model that replaces periodic contracts with blockchain snapshots. However, customers still receive their profits on a monthly basis.

Distinctive features of Hodler Mining

  1. The enormous potential of Neblio Platform and Blockchain 3.0, the most advanced distributed ledger infrastructure.
  2. The facility is located in Chemelot in the Geleen region of the Netherlands, formerly the largest coal mine in the country.
  3. The durability and transparency of the digital currency.
  4. The availability of two phases of ICO ensures that the event is all-encompassing. [19659009] Because Hodler relies on its own mining park, overall spending is significantly reduced. The funds saved are redistributed among HODLR token holders.
  5. Hodler's mining pool is reinforced with impenetrable security features that guarantee the security of investor funds. Furthermore, the system has a mechanism to monitor all transactions that pass through it.
  6. The infrastructure on which the Hodler platform is built is first and foremost. The high processing speeds ensure maximum production, while the efficiency of the system translates into low energy consumption and continuous availability of services.
  7. The project is managed by a team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in the field.
  8. The governance model will ensure that the company is sustainable and therefore future-proof.

Finally, the HOLDR token is quoted on various cryptocurrency trading platforms, a factor that increases its accessibility to investors.

ICO Parameters

  • Token Name: Hodler Mining
  • Ticker: HODLR
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000 HODLR
  • Beginning of sale: June 1 st 2018
  • Presale: July 15 th 2018
  • ICO starts: July 16 th 2018
  • End ICO: indefinite (until all designated tokens are sold)
  • Hard cap: € 150,000,000

According to the company, the ICO could be paused s always to encourage the development of the physical mining structure. As a result of regulatory restrictions, ICO will not be accessible in the United States, North Korea, South Korea, Bangladesh and Syria. The price of the HODLR token depends on hardware costs and other prevailing factors.

Benefits of Hodler Mining

  1. It is a form of investment: at the time of subscription, users are entitled to passive earnings for a lifetime. [19659009] The extraction of Hodler guarantees regular profits due to the heavy investments in advanced technological infrastructures.
  2. The system is compatible with the popular fiat currencies and with leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero and so on. [19659009] Investors will have access to the lion's share of HODLR tokens during token sales. In comparison, the county will receive a paltry 0.0005%. Tokens will be distributed on merit, in a transparent and fair manner.
  3. Similarly, most of the profits from mining will be allocated to investors.
  4. Contrary to his contemporaries, the Hodler extraction allows customers can visit the physical extraction facility.
  5. The company is in a privileged position with access to world-class infrastructure and resources.
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