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HODL Your Horses: Here's What's in Crypto Next Week: Hard Forks, Airdrops, ICOs, Events

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HODL Your Horses, Here's What's in Crypto Next Week: Hard Forks, Airdrops, ICOs, Events

Do you want to be more involved in the encrypted space and be fully aware of what is happening?

Here is a short list of upcoming events you can follow or track, including: Bitcoin Gold to Hard Fork, Blockchain Events: Chainers 2018 (Seoul), TechCrunch Sessions 2018 (Zug), TechCrunch Sessions Ethereum Meetup (Zug), London Fintech Week ( London).

If you are looking to increase your crypts wealth or know where all those tokens come from, here are some launches occurring this week: CPS-SPACE-INS-LRN, ICOs Ending: WINS-SHR-BITX-EJAC-AMO, Beginning of ICO: FNP-BETT-VLUX

Rigid forks

Bitcoin Gold (BTG):


After a 51% attack in May, the BTG project team decided to upgrade their network via a fixed fork to improve network security. This should occur at block 536200 (East date: July 1). The upgrade will implement the Equihash-BTG PoW algorithm as a replacement for the existing Equihash algorithm, among other changes.


Holders of Syscoin (SYS) – CPS Coin Airdrop – Date of the snapshot on July 1, 2018

CoinPayments (CPS) is built on the Syscoin blockchain and aims to strengthen a decentralized market. 6% of the total supply of CPS coins will be distributed to owners of the Syscoin portfolio addresses on the date of the snapshot.

Holders Siacoin (SC) – Space Cash (SPACE) Airdrop – Data Snapshot of 1 July 2018

Space money will be distributed to Siacoin (SC) owners with a 10: 1 ratio from the Hyperspace team. The Hyperspace network aims to be a global cloud storage based on SPACE.

Holders INS Ecosystem (INS) – INS Token Airdrop Distribution – 2 July 2018

INS Ecosystem aims to develop a platform to allow direct interaction between producers and consumers of fast moving consumer goods. The INS tokens will be distributed via an airdrop to all holders of INS based on the balances carried out from 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018.

Loop holder (LRC) – Loopring Neo Token (LRN) Airdrop – 5 July 2018

Loopring is a protocol for creating decentralized exchanges and will distribute 60% of the supply of LRN to all LRC token holders during this airdrop.


End of ICOs:

WinStars (WINS) – Ends Tuesday, July 3 at 1:00 pm UTC

Initial price: $ 0.2000, Funds raised $ 3.30M, Financing target: 500,000 USD, Financing cap: 5,000,000 USD, Coin offer: 103.50M (69.00%). WinStars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources built on Ethereum.

ShareRing (SHR) – Ends Wednesday, July 4th at 1:00 pm UTC

Initial price: $ 0.02000, Fundraising: -, Financing target: $ 10,000,000, Financing coverage: $ 38,000,000, Coin offer: 3.47B (52.00%). ShareRing is a decentralized marketplace that allows users to access, connect and pay securely for services anywhere in the world. Users can share anything from storage space to tools, clothes, jewelery and food with the SHR token as the primary payment method.

BitScreener (BITX) – Ends Thursday, July 5 at 00:59 UTC

Initial price: $ 0.06049, Fund raised: -, Financing target: 1,000 ETH, Financing cap: 15.000 ETH, Coin offer: 139.50 M (31.00%). BitScreener aims to create a financial market of data and content on the blockchain. BitX is used as the primary payment method for services.

EJA Coin (EJAC) – Ends Thursday, July 5 at 01:00 UTC

Initial price: $ 0.1000, Fundraising: $ 500.00 k, Financing objective: 500.000 USD, Funding coverage: 15.000.000 USD, Coin offer: 150.00 M (60.00%). Eja Coin intends to implement a project that will make it easier for people to invest in mining.

I love Coin (AMO) – Ends Saturday, July 7th at 01:00 UTC

Initial price: $ 0.002164, Fundraising: $ 1.74, Financing objective: -, Cap ::, Coins offers: 10.00 B (50.00%). AMO is a project that aims to create and manage the AMO market, where car data can be shared and exchanged. The AMO currency is set to be used as the primary payment method within the platform.

ICO start:

FlipNpik (FNP) – Starts Sunday, July 1 at 01:00 UTC

Initial price: $ 0.1238, Objective of the loan: -, Cap: 100.000 ETH, coins available: 350.00 million (35.00%). FlipNpik is a commercial social media platform designed to connect buyers to merchants within their communities.

Bettium (BETT) – Starts Sunday, July 1 at 01:00 UTC

Initial price: $ 0.05000, Financing target: 7.500.000 USD, Cap: 30.000.000 USD, Coin offer: 600.00 M (60.00%). Bettium is a platform that allows users to engage in p2p sports betting on one another. The platform offers users a range of tools, ranging from machine learning services to those of established experts to improve forecasts and strategy.

VLUX (VLUX) – Starts Wednesday, July 4th at 01:00 UTC

Initial price: -, Financing objective: 25,000,000 GBP, Financing capital: 25,000,000 GBP, Coin offer: 44.31M (70.00%). VLUX aims to improve access to low-cost and low-cost energy by allowing colleagues to exchange energy between them via the Verv energy trading platform.


Chainers 2018


When: 1 – 2 July 2018

Where: Seoul, Korea

As part of the Blockchainer Global Global Tour Series, the 11th tour stops in Korea to offer the public a series of talk about Blockchain Regulation and global development, public chains, private chains and consortia chains, Venture Capital and Token Economy to name a few. Several notable speakers have been confirmed, including Patrick Dai (co-founder, QTUM), Jun Li (Founder, Ontology) and Kim Seong Silk (CTO, Huobi Korea).

The event also includes a Blockchain Projects Pitch Roadshow where teams can show their respective projects to investors.

TechCrunch Sessions: Blockchain 2018


When: 6 July 2018

Where: Casino Zug Theater, Artherstrasse 2-4, Zug, 6300 Switzerland

TechCrunch is proud to announce its first event entirely dedicated to blockchain, cryptography and the future of the Internet. The event will feature a series of talks from industry leaders including Vitalik Buterin (Creator, Ethereum), Jutta Steiner (Co-founder, Polkadot), Joe Lubin (Founder, Consensys), Balaji Srinivasan (CTO, Coinbase ) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO, Binance).

Ethereum Meetup produced by TechCrunch


When: 7 July 2018

Where: Casino Zug Theater, Artherstrasse 2-4, Zug, 6300 Switzerland

TechCrunch will produce the event with the support of the Ethereum Foundation and other members of the Ethereum community the day after the TC Sessions: Blockchain event. The meetup will feature Vitalik Buterin (founder, Ethereum Foundation), Karl Floersch (developer, Ethereum Foundation), among others. It will cover a range of topics including downsizing, protocol improvements and consensus mechanisms improvements.

London Fintech Week


When: from 6 to 13 July 2018
Where: QEII Center, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, United Kingdom

The fifth annual London Fintech Week will begin next week, bringing together a number of key industry speakers in different areas of the Fintech space. The event will include a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, a hackathon and several networking events throughout the week. Notable participants include Adam Stradling (co-founder of Bitcoin.com), Anish Mohammed (director of Ripple Labs) and Dominik Schiener (co-founder of IOTA) among many others. For a complete list of industry speakers and event partners, click here.

The one-week event kicks off on Friday, July 6 with a Blockchain Hackathon over the weekend, followed by a series of talks starting Monday, July 9th at Fintech Disrupors, Capital Markets & Wealthtech and Blockchain & Crypto-Finance on Wednesday. Thursday is a day designated for investors and start-ups / ICO participants to showcase their projects, followed by a series of blockchains and legal workshops on Friday.

In particular, panel discussions during the Blockchain & Crypto-Finance day include:

Women in Blockchain – Discussion on the role of women in the blockchain, with a closer look at the impact that women are making in the sector. Includes Helen Disney (Unblocked CEO), Dr Jane Thomason (CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact) and Michelle Chivunga N (Regional Advisor, British Blockchain Association), among others.

Linklaters panel: Blockchain and financial services – The way in which Blockchain fits into the current regulatory environment, as well as its impact on businesses, companies and compliance between digital user identities, trust and transparency. Discussion between Ajit Tripathi (EMEA Partner, Consensys Enterprise), Harry Eddis (Partner, Global Co-Head of Fintech, Linklaters), and Clair Wells (Director, Legal and Business Affairs EMEA, Circle).

VC / Investor Panel – Discussion on how industry figures and organizations use blockchain to affect value and growth. Panel members include Ivan Soto-Wright (Founder and Managing Partner, HODL.vc), Andrew Adcock (CMO, Crowd for Angels) and Aditya Nagarsheth (Investor, Red Pill).

Blockchain Becoming a reality beyond the less regulated finances and industries – Adam Strading (co-founder, Bitcoin.com), Ashley Fox (MEP for SW England and Gibraltar, European Parliament) and Tim Huegdon (co-founder and CIO, InstaSupply) discuss the impact of blockchain and increasing autonomy of machines on society.

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