History of Ripple XRP currencies, Most recent news / Development and forecasting of future prices


Declaration Branding (story) of Ripple & # 39; s – XRP

The blockbuster technological giant of San Francisco – Ripple Labs has started this year a differentiation process from its block-block token XRP. This is due to the confusion of the crypto-verse between the two as in many titles, google searches, articles and so on, the fans talk about the two in the same way as if they were the same.

In the past, the price of XRP has increased many times when an announcement was made by the Ripple Labs team, although this had nothing to do with money, but with one of the financial solutions of # 39; company. Similar, when the xCurrent network was adopted by the United Arab Emirates, pushed token prices upwards.

Mati Greenspan – eToro analyst added:

"Many newcomers are of the idea that keeping XRP tokens is somewhat similar to holding shares in Ripple Labs, which is completely false." [19659006] "Many of the offers they make and the payment channels they set at the end of the day will not use the XRP tokens," he

Further along the way, the company turned to the process of creating the logo for the XRP token, so it's easier to distinguish it from the community.

XRP Latest

Bitcoin Superstore – The excellent qualities of XRP continue to drag users and businesses towards themselves with the latest addition of Bitcoin Superstore. At the start of this year, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, said the only way to decouple XRP from Bitcoin's influence is through mass adoption.

The confusion of Ripple and XRP described above can even be seen in this ad on Twitter!

Wirex – After working with Wirex, the company was able to add XRP token support to its Visa card. Subsequently, the number of registrations and transactions on the platform had a significant boost.

Weiss Rating – Weiss Ratings, an independent stock company, cryptocurrency ETF and financial institutions said last week that they believe Ripple's XRP is the fastest cryptocurrency for transferring funds between exchanges and the ideal base currency for Binance, the world's most popular exchange.

Back in July, Weiss Crypto Rating held a Survey on Twitter in which Ripple's XRP reached the 1st place for transfers between exchanges. 78% of the votes were for XRP which numbered 7,500.

Coins.ph – A very famous cryptocurrency payment network in the Philippines is another addition in the ranks of many who find XRP irresistible. With over five million customers in the Philippines, Coins.ph is adding XRP, which means their customers can pay off their bills using XRP instead of the traditional fiat currency

. Bittrex – In a recent post, one of the major Bittrex stock exchanges has announced that it will make more pairs of US dollars available. The team continued by observing that XRP and Ethereum Classic will receive support from the platform by 20 August.

Future Price Prediction

SBI Holding Chairman – Yoshitaka Kitao believes that Ripple's XRP adoption in the global financial system is inevitable. Since many coins are planning the universal currency in the distant future, Kitao believes that XRP has the best adoption. His comments were based on the current uptake of Ripple solutions by banks, companies, businesses and payment processing companies.

The development of Ripple has been fast since the currency appeared at the beginning of 2017. At that time, it was valued at $ 0.0064 per currency, and in less than a year it reached $ 0.8 . Before the fall in prices at the start of 2018, many experts believed that XRP would have reached, and perhaps even exceeded, $ 9 per currency by the end of this year.

If we look at the current state of the crypto-market, we could suppose that record as a level will never come true. However, just for this it does not mean that Ripple's XRP will never reach these heights. If everything goes according to plan, similar to the one in which Yoshitaka Kitao believes, the currency can even surpass the brands mentioned above for a long time.

Trade safely and do not overdo it!

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