Heavy fall on a steep slope – Shiffrin has to hope for the second run

1. Slalom track and Levi

The Alpine Skiing World Cup season continued on Saturday. Levi’s second slalom race started on Sunday. Shiffrin finished behind Vlhová in the first heat – there was also a bad accident.

American Mikaela Shiffrin did not show one in Sunday’s second slalom race in the first round just as good as the day before. ARD commentator Felix Neureuther said: “It’s done”. The day before, Shiffrin made a happy but very exhausted impression after crossing the finish line.

Therefore Petra Vlhová dominated again in Levi in ​​the first heat. However, Swiss Michelle Gisin also showed a top performance and crossed the finish line at the same time as Vlhová (54.32). Wendy Holdener finished third (+ 0.23).

Gisin cheerfully commented on his run afterwards. “I am extremely happy to have been able to show such a race. I hope to be able to do it a second time,” he said in an interview with ARD.

“He tried to take a chance”

German Lena Dürr entered the top 20 on Saturday. On Sunday she finished 29th after the first heat (+1.81). Their guideline was not ideal. Neureuther on ARD: “It takes a long time, it may be too much today. He tried to take risks. He really tried.” Dürr himself said: “It totally annoys me.”

Even after the cruciate ligament rupture, Marlene Schmotz did not show the dynamism she needed (+2.33). Neureuther: “The audacity to give the maximum is still missing”. Marina Wallner also lost too much time on the flat and failed to convince (+2.17). Only Dürr reached the final in Levi.

Bad fall of Canadian Remme

Roni Remme suffered a serious crash during the race. The Canadian fell upside down on the escarpment when she lost her line. The race was briefly interrupted.

She was then able to get up, but was visibly in pain. “He’s a tough guy. I hope she didn’t get hurt. Some bruises will be safe,” Neureuther commented. It is not known how the athlete is currently doing.


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