“He doesn’t miss the championship and Serie A hasn’t evolved with his arrival!” Cristiano Ronaldo, accused in Spain


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Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, and implicitly La Liga, in 2018, after Juventus paid 117 million euros the Spanish champion in exchange for his transfer. After nine years in the “blanco” jersey, during which he broke record after record and took the battle with Messi for the title of best player on the planet to the highest levels, CR7 has arrived in Serie A, where he made his presence felt right from the first Juventus matches.

The La Liga president kept his speech immediately after Ronaldo’s departure from Spain. Tebas claims that no player, regardless of his name and worth, is superior to the competition he leads.

Cristiano Ronaldo has left, as some have reminded me on Twitter. I assure you, nothing has changed for us. To be honest, I don’t think Serie A has evolved either, they barely noticed his arrival. Neymar went to PSG, but Ligue 1 is also Ligue 1. The La Liga brand and the great teams participating in the competition are more important than any player, regardless of his talent.“said Tebas, according to Marca, quoted by footbalitalia.

Leo Messi and Sergio Ramos could be the next stars to leave La Liga

In the final year of their contract, Barcelona and Real Madrid captains Leo Messi and Sergio Ramos can sign with any team in January. Both are active the Manchester City list. It would be a serious blow for the Spanish giants, but also for internal competition. Tebas does not want the two stars to leave the race he is leading.

Obviously I don’t want them to leave La Liga, but if that happens we will have to make an effort to bridge the gap.“, said the president of La Liga.

Tebas had words of praise for Leo Messi and said that Spanish football would be poorer in the event of a possible separation of the Argentine from Barcelona.

We were lucky to have him in La Liga for his entire career. I think he will feel Messi leaving, especially if he wants to go to another league. It will not be a catastrophe because we have television rights signed with and without Messi, but the value it brings is important. Messi delights us all the time“.

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