Hair loss as a side effect of blockage? Long-term stress primarily contributes to hair loss, the study showed


We usually lose 50-60 hairs a day without us noticing. This is normal hair restoration. The problem arises when more than a hundred hairs remain in the sink for several weeks.

In autumn it is like the hair of leaves. IS time of year when we lose the most. This emerges from a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, which includes data from eight countries around the world, I write Czech folk songs.

There is really a link between the season and hair loss. Summer and autumn are the times when hair loss is most abundant, regardless of geographical differences. Some studies suggest that August and September are the months when the problem is most pronounced. This is the so-called telogen phase“says study author Shawn Kwatr.

In the telogen phase, the hair is still in the hair follicle, but its useful life is practically over, it is no longer growing and will soon fall. In summer the percentage of hair destined to fall out in a few weeks is maximum, while in winter it is limited, so hair growth remains so.

Conversely, the anagen phase of the hair means that hair grows about a millimeter in three days. The maximum number of hairs at this stage is in the spring when the hair is thick.

Stress weakens the scalp

This phenomenon could be even more pronounced this year because stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic weakens the scalp.

When we are under pressure, the hair cycle cycles are synchronized and accelerated until significant hair loss can occur. With a lock, the hair falls out due to permanent stress. Hair loss is homogeneous, but if it is addressed in time and the problem does not become chronic, it can be solved“, says Pietro Tesauro, President of the Italian Society of Trichologists.

How do we really find out are we losing too much hair?

There is no point in counting the hair left in the shower or on the comb every day, it only increases anxiety and is not a reliable method“, Explains Tesauro and recommends using the following method.

TIP: From the first day of each month, wash your hair for three consecutive days to remove naturally falling hair, comb for one minute on the fourth day, then count the hair left in the comb.

In this way, it is also possible to determine if it is hair loss month after month more pronounced or less.

Generally we lose 50-60 hairs a daywithout us noticing. This is normal hair restoration. The problem arises when more than a hundred hairs remain in the sink for several weeks.

It’s important visit a dermatologist or trichologistwhich solves problems with hair and scalp.

A correct diagnosis is necessary because this is the only way to choose an effective therapy. There are many causes of hair loss and they require different approaches. What is decisive for the diagnosis are family predispositions, lifestyle, stress level or hairdresser’s mistakes, “recommends the silentist.

The trichologist also points out that blood tests are also important in women to find that they are not deficiency of certain vitamins such as B12 or D. or excessive levels of the male sex hormone androgen.

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