Hackers continue to encrypt smartphones with Cryptos, security researchers reveal

25 August 2018 at 12:01 // News

  Hackers Cryptojack Smartphones

Recently, security experts have discovered that hackers are currently mining for Cryptos with the help of smartphones. The Daily Mail of Wednesday, August 22, signaled the growing risk and stressed the need to protect and protect users' smartphones effectively.

Although the extraction of crypts such as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and other Cryptos giants may require a
significant investment in hardware and power,
cryptojacking is a cheaper alternative. A Wavestone Information Technology expert, Gerome Billois, explained that in order to hijack an IoT device, it is necessary to hack an internet server and install malware created to extract the cryptos from the smartphone or the user's computer.

Monkey & # 39; s Game

While the processing capacity of smartphones is lower than that of desktop computers, there is a very large number of smartphones on the market. Smartphones, therefore, provide greater meaning to my encrypted when they are added together.

"Recently, we discovered that a version of the popular Bug Smasher game, installed by Google Play between one and five million times, secretly hid the cryptocurrency monarch on users' devices," said the company's researchers. IT security ESET.

Smartphone cryptojacking is a rapidly growing problem. Security experts from Kaspersky Lab
said that there is a growing number of apps that hide Crypto's mining programs.

Although generally, it could only slow down the functionality of the smartphone,
ESET revealed that on some Android devices, the battery could also "swell and swell" and cause physical damage to the whole smartphone. Many users are usually not informed that their smartphone is under attack.

Flabby Android O.S

Generally, cryptojacking affects smartphones that work using Google Android O.S because Apple has built in walls to prevent attacks and are stiffer on which apps can be installed on iPhone.

However, Google has become stricter with its apps, pointing out that the developers of Cryptos's App mining on its platform will no longer be able to include their products (apps) in the Google Play Store.

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