Guenther Steiner reveals that Haas was dangerously close to leaving F1 for good

To say that the Haas Formula 1 team had a bad 2020 season would be an understatement. To go from a respectable 5th place in 2018 to 9th in 2020 in the standings, they had a steep drop. With a measly total of three points this year, the car and staff did not live up to expectations.

In addition to their poor form, their misery has been exacerbated by COVID-19. They were facing severe financial losses. Hence, it was a real possibility that owner Gene Haas withdraw funding from the F1 program. However, he eventually put down the new Concorde deal extending their tenure in the sport.

Haas’ biggest hit

Team Principal Guenther Steiner was thrilled with their “survival”. Calling it their biggest achievement this season, he said, “We survived, that’s what we did well. I think I’ll leave it to that. I think there was a big chance we weren’t here anymore, and I think everyone joined. And we are here to stay. “

We know Steiner in the paddock as a very honest man who does not hesitate to confront his riders. To the extent that it may seem a little harsh or blunt. And that character was in full show when he was considering their season –

“I think all in all maybe we haven’t been good on the track this year. But I think we have been good for the future of Haas F1, and also for F1. As much as we think they don’t need us, I think F1 needs teams like Haas F1. “

The chief praises the Organization

F1 teams are notoriously critical and demanding of the governing body. Hence, they rarely have no complaints but actual praise for the organization. The 2020 season didn’t seem like a possibility when the opening round in Australia was canceled due to the pandemic. However, they all came together to host a memorable season. Effective in his praise, Steiner said:

“After Australia, it looked like this was going to be over very soon, and it didn’t. So I think completing 17 races is great that FOM did it, but that’s the same to say about the teams that did it. All 10 teams. “

In addition to doing a good job with this, Haas really needs to pull his socks on if he is to aim for more than survival. They need to fix their finances and regain their competitiveness.

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